Amazon Finds Under $10, $20, & $50

Ballin’ on a budget but still want to shop the great deals going on right now? These lists will get you started! Affordable finds in Amazon Fashion, Amazon Home Decor , Amazon Beauty, and More!

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Amazon Finds Under $10

(1) Super Model Sun Glasses Currently in my cart!

(2) Halloween Bats Perfect Home Decor that is subtle and on point, super trendy and seen all of social media!

(3) Makeup Removing Wipes These wipes will remove even the wildest makeup looks in seconds, without leaving your face dry! I keep these Neutrogena best sellers stocked!

(4) Toilet Paper Christmas Ornament I started a tradition years ago after seeing it at my ex boyfriend’s family Christmas gathering. We each get a new ornament that represents that year!

(4) Bubble Bath another scent form Dr Teal’s would have to be Milk and Honey! One of my favorites!

(6) Lip Care This set of lip balms are natural, fast working, and a must have in cold weather! I even get these as stocking stuffers! Buy these separately at Target and you will be paying double the price!

Amazon Finds Under $20

(1) Open Toed Heels Perfect for jeans to dresses, and the thick heel gives you great support so you can wear them all day!

(2) Beauty Gummies Vitamins have been in stores for ages and we didn’t pay much attention until recent years! I can tell you from experience, Gummies are the easiest way to go and they taste good too!

(3) Makeup Sponges You can use these dry or wet, with creams or powders…and like all sponges, don’t forget to switch them out to prevent breakouts!

(4) Trendy Sunglasses I love the structure of these frames, but especially the animal print!

(5) Throw Pillow This throw pillow would look lovely on your couch, window seat, entry way bench, or on your bed and it looks more expensive than it is!

(6) Light Strips If you have TikTok you already know how popular these are. I have them on the back of my TV, my son’s desk, and you can put them around the perimeter of your cabinets in the kitchen as well.

Amazon Finds Under $50

(1) Edison Glass Hanging Lights You can hang them indoor or outdoor, I framed a bookcase with mine!

(2) Mini Backpack Set This trend doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon and I love it! Its the best way to only bring what you need vs everything you own!

(3) White Chunky Sneakers I actually owned my first pair of Fila’s when I was in Middle school! I loved them, and still love the classic look today!

(4) Lengthen Mascara Wander beauty has been a popular brand within the beauty community, if you haven’t tried their mascara…what are you waiting for?

(5) Studded Clear Sandals Steve Madden has been known to create high quality styles, similar if not dupes of high end designers, at an affordable price! These are popular among fashion bloggers, so they are going fast!

(6) 1 Step Styler You have seen this on my lists before and I can’t stop raving about it! I get some many questions about my hair and this is my go to tool! Save money and energy on blowouts, this 1 tool takes place of both the brush and blowdryer!

I hope you found these lists helpful! Don’t forget I have much much more listed on My Amazon Store Front so check it out! Happy shopping, and don’t forget to share what you ordered on Social Media – TAG ME! Or leave a comment below! Thanks for reading…


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