Walmart Finds: Iridescent Favorites

Nothing says sweet and feminine like the rainbow flare of all things iridescent. Here are some of my favorite Walmart Finds this week:

Links to all things iridescent at Walmart*

(1) $7 – Mainstays Iridescent Lotion Pump This pump is advertised for lotion, but I would fill it with hand sanitizer!

(2) $8 – Mainstays Double-Sided Vanity Mirror, Iridescent This mirror would look great on any vanity, and it magnifies too!

(3) $11 – Magik 4Pcs Flatware Rainbow Dinnerware Stainless Steel Tableware Set for Dinner Steak Soup Tea Fork Spoon Knife  Am I getting older when dinnerware is something I get excited about? Don’t answer that!

(4) $10 – 17oz Double Walled Stainless Steel Water Bottle Keep Hot Cold Insulated Plating Vacuum Flask Thermos  I have countless reusable bottles, but I always seem to reach for the prettiest in the bunch. Jennifer Lopez said the key to drinking more water is a cute cup. I think she was on to something there!

In my 20s I thought I would never set foot in a Walmart, but boy did I play myself! There are so many good deals, and some real hidden gems. One of my favorite things to do on my off days is to roam around my favorite stores for hours to see what I find. Found anything cool lately? Share the details in the comments below! Thanks for reading,


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