Details are everything!
For the amount of anxiety that I have, I am surprised that I would stress myself out and throw a big party! My handsome son, Jude Isaac, just turned 3 and I wanted to host a pirate themed party to celebrate the three years God has blessed me with his love. With the help of Party City I was able to make this the most festive party to date. 
Decorations are the first thing to organize and the rest falls into place. I ran into a few speed bumps the morning of but it was not going to slow me down. If you follow me on Instagram (sccastaneda) you would have known Jude’s costume was too small! Luckily Party City exchanged his costume without a problem or hassle.

Here are a few shots of our get ups before the sun took a toll on all of us. I can’t wait to frame these and add them to his scrap book.

 In the pictures below, I made last minute “pirate booty” bags.  

Black lunch bags ( HERE )
Blue paper shreds ( HERE )
 Gold beaded necklaces ( HERE )
 Chocolate coins ( HERE ) and eye patches ( HERE )
 I used a hole punch and some ribbon I was unable to locate online and tied them shut. Instead of having a Mexican traditional party piñata, I decided to fill all of the bags with awesome candy and skipped the floor scrabble. I did display a pirate piñata for add pirate flare ( HERE )
 It has been so hot these last few weeks here in Southern California,  so I decided to rent a huge canopy to cover my guests and keep them from roasting. I also attached bunches of balloons to the make it more appealing to the eye. (HERE)
 To take it a notch up, I wanted to set the tables to make it look a little fancier lol. I used paper plates and napkins I found at Party City in squares and placed them off centered to get it a different look from the traditional circles plates. 
 I also placed “golden spoons and goblets” I found at PC as well and the gold beaded necklaces you saw earlier and some plastic gold coins all across the tables – the children’s eyes lit up to see the “treasure” everywhere.
 I had a few hats ( HERE ) on the tables for guests who “forgot to dress up” haha. I loved the table covers because it looked layered and really pulled the tables together ( HERE )
 To set the vibe I hung netting and skull banners (both from PC) along the trim of the canopy.
Every time Jude attended a party with a jumper, it was a struggle to get him out so I knew it was a must-have on my list…and of course it was a pirate ship! 
The lord knows I had about 7 cans of coke – which I have been staying away from all together but the heat and the excitement in the air I said “why not?!” hahaha. The coolers added to our pirate theme, palm trees and parrots where just a bonus (HERE).

 Since my family is Mexican, hands down, we all wanted a taco service to cater the party. 3 types of meat, rice beans and the fixings. They also brought Horchata and Agua de Pina – Yumm!

 Heres a familiar face! Thats Cdiorme from youtube with one of the cutest pirates at the party. I wish I would have been better with my camera because her husband looked hilarious with eyeliner and a wig haha.
Some other youtubers who attended were Heart and Arnold, Holly and Steve. I am really kicking myself for not taking more pictures but if you went you would understand why I didn’t haha….it was so hot I couldn’t think right!! Some of my friends forever who attended were: Crystal (of course), Brigitte, April, and Floreida. Its really hard to spend time with everyone when there where so many ppl! I was happy and felt so loved! 
Now for a peek at the party and some of the pirates :] Arrrrrg!

No birthday is complete without a cool cake! I got this cake from Goldilocks Bakery in 
West Covina, Ca. I was surprised they took my order at such short notice and the cake looked better than I was imagining. The filling was red velvet and cream cheese frosting with chocolate chips.
After the cake, everyone dropped like flies. It was so hot and the party lasted about 5 hours which was amazing and I was so thankful for everyones time. He got tons of amazing gifts and I can’t wait to post more of Jude’s outfits of the days 🙂

My brother brought it to my attention that I didn’t take any family shots and by this time I pulled my hair back and put on my flip flops haha. 
The kids in my immediate family decided the party was not over so they jumped in the kiddie pool I had stashed their for Jude hahah. I could not include shots of Jude cause he got naked hahhaha. 
Thank you everyone who attended, set up, cleaned up, and showed love to me and my son on this very special day!
Special Thank You to Party City who provided costumes and decorations!
Like always,
*Latina Kisses*


  1. moni g.

    Wow! It looked like everyone had a blast. You went all out on the party decorations. Thx for sharing. Your such a cool mom.

  2. Liz Marie

    O my goodness Sonia! You did such an amazing job. What a good mommy. I can't wait to throw parties for my future babies. Jude is one lucky dude 😉 Thanks for sharing all of your pics of his special day!!

    xx Liz Marie

  3. Veronica Glam

    Jude is so handsome and everything looks magnificent. I had to ask myself…wait…is this…a party or am I looking of pictures of Pirate's Adventure? Excellent job Sonia, Jude is blessed to have a mom like you 🙂

  4. lovingnoah2011

    Details are everything!! Especially when they are for your lil man's 3rd Birthday:D You & Jude look so so cute! & don't even get me started on the decorations girl they were perfect…Thanks for including us in on your life & special times like these<3 You make me want to start planning my loveys 2nd bday already & its in March lol love you Sonia

  5. Yolibet

    GIRLLLLL!! FINALLY! lol ! I missed your blogs, I forgot how much I loved them, and with this post I remembered exactly why I follow you, though you've become one of the best youtube gurus that I follow, I feel like you're always humble and stay true to yourself, that's reflected in all your blogs and videos, I know you're only going to go up from here just remember to always keep that same humility and personality no matter what anyone says! Welcome back to blogging!! Jude looked so cute with his little mohawk, everything was awesome!

    ~Yolibet from New Hampshire

  6. Anonymous


    My name is Alice, I´m 21 and from Austria. First of all, I wanted to congratulate you to your personality, creativity and your lovely blog! You put so much love in everything you do!!
    Now, I have a book suggestion for you and I wish from the bottom of my heart that you will give it a chance! They are so positive, inspiring and amazingly life changing =D

    I promise you with my life they will blow you away and give you positive vibs in hart times (break up, crisis ect.)! Maybe you can do a review as well on your blog. So here they are:

    1. Suggestion: Lorna Byrne – Stairway to heaven: (you will find it in the library in book shops or online as American or UK version)

    2. Suggestion: Paul Meek – “The Life without End”

    I hope I could inspire you a bit and you will read them and let me or us know.

    I wish you a great week, lots of love and light!!! kisses
    Alice Schell

  7. ResilientHeart

    I am LOVING your blog and videos on YouTube, is there a way to follow your blog? I don't want to miss a post!

    Your future is so bright you better wear sunglasses! It is a joy to watch your videos, your rare beauty shines from the inside out.

    Wishing you only the best and brightest! 🙂

    Blessings, Love & Peace,

  8. Anonymous

    looks great! my son is having a pirate party for his birthday this year where did you get your pirate ship bouncer from? I have been looking all over thank you

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