Top 10 Drugstore Products

A celebration is in order cause Im actually doing a blog post! I guess I need to jump back on the blog horse and get it together!! Of course there is a video on this – so if you want to hear me black about all the stuff you see below click HERE
Lets get to it, no?
In the first picture you set your pretty little…in my case HUGE….eyes on you will find my top 10 drugstore products. I found most of these at Target, then Walgreens. You can find most of them HERE
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
Loreal Power Volume Collagen Mascara
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Creme
Rimmel London Blush Santa Rose
Physician Formula Matchmaker bronzer
Revlon Photoready Powder
Revlon Creme Blush Berry Flirtatious 
Revlon Color Stay Gel Liner Black
Rimmel London Lipstick #08
Maybelline Lipstick Devine

 In order of appearance : Rimmel London Lipstick #08,  Revlon Creme Blush Berry Flirtatious
Maybelline Lipstick Devine
 Heres a swatch of my favorite BB Creme from Maybelline. I love the consistency! Its got the best coverage at a great price. 
This Colorstay eyeliner by Revlon has yet to dry out and stays on longer than I would like it too hahah. So if you are looking to go out – cry a crazy cry – without looking a damn mess…well your makeup anyway…this is the eyeliner for you!
 I would trade all of these products just to keep this one because this mascara is the best I have ever used. I know Im dramatical – but *grabs you by the shirt * Im being dead serious here. Get it and thank me later! ( Loreal Power Volume Collagen Mascara )
 The last swatch I have for you is the Creme blush from Revlon. I think they only have 2 colors right now, or that I have seen which is silly because its either too bright or too light depending on your skin color and technique. But as you can see you can blend this sucker. I love it!
Now that wasnt very hard now was it? Ha! I have no excuse but to blog more. I hope the next one is more entertaining for the both of us haha. 
*Latina Kisses*

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  1. Lol… Love your review for the mascara! I will definitely be purchasing it along with the eyeliner and blush. Hope I love these products as much as you do. 😉

  2. Love this review…I used the foundation and def going to purchase the blush in the next day or two .enjoy reading your bligs, thry are much in detail and swatches, love that

  3. You are incredible, love ur blogs and youtube … I will definitely be purchasing the blush in the next day or two. Can you help me in choosing what drugstore makeup brushes work great? Thanks

  4. I love the Fit Me foundation as well, it is by far the best drugstore one I have ever used 🙂

  5. I love that blush color! But I wonder is it better to apply with a brush for cream blushes, or your fingers? 😮

  6. I love maybelline bb cream!!!! <3 Regards from Poland :-)

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  8. Thank you very much! It is very helpful.
    And invite you to subscribe to my channel

  9. I love your blog is amazing! This is my blog hope you like it!

  10. i was really hesitant bout the maybelline bb cream when i first tried it, but it grew on me. i just had to find the right technique to apply it.
    i really wanna try the revlon photoready pressed powder, most people seem to like it.

  11. Lovely blog! Ive been wanting to try some of these products so im glad you posted this!


  12. Great blog! I'm a new follower :>

  13. You should really consider doing a Mila Kunis tutorial 🙂

  14. I love the Fit Me concealer, I have the FIT ME foundation, but I don't think it is in the right shade for my skin. I will give it a try not that my summer tan has faded a bit. I love your budget friendly recommendations.

  15. I really enjoy reading your blog 😉 amazing posts!
    I like this one the most, as I'm always creature of a tight budget. I'm thinking of trying out L'Oreal mascara soon! I've been using clear one from Maybelline Great Lash line, I guess it's time to try a black mascara..
    greetings from Indonesia and.. keep it up!! 😀

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