Hair Care : Wet to Dry

After watching my videos, most of my viewers ask for a product list. At the time of upload the list of products could get pretty long. So I decided to list items and include a few pictures here on my blog for a quick reference. So here it goes…
When I was get butt booty naked (no one pays me enough to see the real thang lol jk) I was washing my hair with the:
 FAT HAIR “O” Calories Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner by SAMMY. 
I like the way it smells and it foams up really well in the shower. 
The most important result I am looking for in hair care products is that it does what it advertises. FAT HAIR, and I don’t really get fat hair with this. Just clean, fresh smelling hair, so I guess I will finish the bottles and move on. 

After I towel dry my hair I like to treat it with a few products before I let it air dry, or before I use any kind of heated tools for protection and volume. Pictured below and used in my video:
FAT HAIR “O” Calories Thickening Spray by SAMMY – Which I think works and smells great
Heat Tamer (not shown in video but used) by TRESemme – Its never let me down and is cheap as dirt
Silk Infusion by CHI – This product has been used by me for many years! I love it!
 Hot Tools! I know I always want to know what my friends use when I see their big sexy hair, I use :
Blow dryer by KERATIN COMPELX – Okay, so you don’t need the blow dryer that I have cause its not the cheapest, just make sure it promotes healthy hair (less damage with ions).
Large hot rollers by CONAIR – These have been working well for me lately, but I think I want to try something that will hold curls longer…like ceramic rollers. Ill keep ya’ll posted. 
 These brushes are not the coolest or the cutest but they get the job done and I will hurt someone if they took them from my room haha :
Flat paddle brush by BRUSH LAB – I got this baby at ULTA
Round barrel brush by CONAIR – I got this brush so long ago! I would have to say I got it at WalMart
 Lord have mercy! You know I about passed out when I sprayed the heck out my hair with this stuff! :
SPRAY & PLAY by Big Sexy Hair – Its Pink for their Breast Cancer promotion. I love it cause it doesn’t weigh my hair down and keeps a good flexible hold. 
Well thats that! I hope that was helpful to most. I know I have made my videos short and sweet lately so I hope my blog can just be another resource to many of you who support my channel and follow my blog. 

*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anonymous

    Sonia, I love your channel and I am 31 years old. I find you so real, practical, and you are doing a great job with Jude. Keep up the great work!

  2. Mel

    Hey there… I was wondering if your extension were in in this video? How long do you leave them in? Have you tried LuxY? was wondering about those… Thanks gal.

  3. Bring on the bling.

    Love your long locks!
    I have to say that for me I can't live with out the “Secret Weapon by John Freida” I love that stuff, being latina we are blessed with big hair, and big frizz! Secret weapon has manage to tame my big all over the place hair. Try it and let us know what you think! Besos!

  4. Anonymous

    First time at your site…love! Thank you for all the info; I'm hoping to look as great as you tomorrow. I appreciate you sharing your info!!

  5. Farrah

    Hey, I'm new to your videos and I must say I became a fan as off the first video. I have long black hair and I been wanting to do the wavy look and this video makes it seem so easy. Looking forward to seeing the rest. GOOD JOB!!
    Do you have a facebook page?

  6. Anonymous

    Hello, I was just wondering where you bought your hot rollers? I've tried searching for them online and nothing came up.

  7. Anonymous


    Can you tell me what hair color (and the brand) you use to dye your hair?
    It looks dark brown with some cherry color in it.

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