Getting my WICKED fix

When the cupcake craze hit, I was on the hunt for a great tasting and LOOKING (presentation is everything) cupcake bakery in my area. I heard there was one in Azusa/Glendora but i never saw it. Unfortunately it is in a terrible location, but when I was starting my journey back home I saw the small print on the backside of the bakery and quickly hopped into the turning lane!

When I walked into The Cake Mamas’ Bakery/Shop, I didn’t know what to expect. One of the girls who greeted me was sweet and very loud haha. I decided to take 2 trays of mini cupcakes to test a few flavors, one for me and one for my roomie. I didn’t know the ones that I chose were winning designs/flavors for the popular show CUPCAKE WARS. That made me more excited and not surprised that they were $10 per tray. Me and my roommate Crystal went to see the Broadway Play WICKED so it was even a little reminiscent 🙂

(Official cupcake promo pix from The Cake Mamas’ Facebook page)

Below is a picture of what i took home. For $10 I think I got my money’s worth because it look like an expensive treat. 
 No one wanted to share the experience with me 🙁 So here are my thoughts starting with…

“The Elixir” 
This was one was probably my favorite visually. The clock face was edible of course, but I don’t think you would want to eat it. Confession: I bit it.
 The buttercream frosting was so different and looked almost like a custard. It was thick and so full of flavor. The color and texture were amazing…yes I am talking about a cupcake. 
 Too bad I can’t say the same about the taste of this cool green cake. It was dry and didn’t have much flavor. 

“The Bad Which”
This cake by far is the best I have ever tasted. It was so moist and rich and creamy…ooooohhh lord!
 I wish they duplicated the look in the show as in person cause I didn’t really understand this one with it just plopped on top. The edible glitter and little heart were attractive. 
 Mouth is watering so much! I only had a bite or two of each of these little guys but this one…my heart hurt when I forced myself to trash the other half. *Being good* I did taste the salt they mentioned in the description and it was just the right amount. SO YUM.

“The Flying Monkey”
We thought this was a crown! It didn’t come with a tail either :/ 
 Again – The frosting was amazing but the cake was so dry and it didn’t taste good at all. Caca.

“The Good Witch”
The strawberry filling was soooooooooo good I felt the rolls growing on my body. The topping was amazing. The silver pearl was like little jawbreaker, I had to try it lol. 
 A good pairing would be the ever so popular SoCal desert wine – Stella Rosa. Stella is a very sweet lightly carbonate wine that is sold for about $12-14 at BevMo. (I get it straight from the winery, its cheaper)
 Jude has a good amount of years to go before he is legally able to drink so he had some juice (Albertsons $4) 
 I think I am in love with the chocolate, and I will definitely give another flavor or two 😉 before I make my final thoughts about this place. I hope I didn’t tempt you too much. 

*Latina Kisses*


  1. Chloe Jacqueline

    How adorable are these cupcakes! I LOVE try to new cupcake places and I will have to check this place out! The person who mentioned My Delight is legit! They have the best vegan (but you would think it has eggs and a ton of butter!) cookies and cream cupcake!

  2. Bring on the bling.

    Me super facinan las creaciones de the cake mama's! Ahi mande hacer mis chanel cupcakes para mi ultimo cumpleanos! Y ese vinito es mi favorito pero el rosado, tenemos mucho en comun! 🙂 Como siempre me encanta el post! Besito and bring on the bling!

  3. Anonymous

    Eww i tried cake mamas and was soo disappointed 🙁 they look sooo cute but dont taste good at all 🙁 i would recommend Dolicissimo in the chino hills shops off grand! Its right by california pizza kitchen.. Those are soooooooo good!!!

  4. Karen aka Kinkybear007

    Stella Rosa is my favorite wine and they sell it at Costco now for $10 (or just under)…soooo good! :0)

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