Valentine Nail Product List

Heres a few still shots of my nails. Excuse the crusty dryness around my cuticles, that is the result of cleaning up my manicure with acetone.  
Lets get into the products that I used in my video:
I started with PINK FRIDAY and NAIL ENVY by by OPI. Pink Friday is a really pretty bubble gum pink polish. Nail Envy has to be, hands down, my YOU BETTER GET IT OR YOUR NAILS SUCK product lol. Okay that was a little dramatical but thats how I roll. I totally own the strength of my nails to this nail aid. 
 For the Polka Dots I used Konad’s White special polish just because its an art paint and dries really fast. Next up was the Sally Hansen Crackle in the obvious, White. My all time, never let me down, top coat: Seche Vite!
 Tools: These can get pricey if you don’t shop around. Starting at the top; my “C” brush from e.l.f. this brush has been with me for a minute. I bought it at a random Mexican Market that just happened to sell their line, its been with me ever since. The dotting tool I got at a swap meet in Azusa but you can use an old ball point pen (dried up of course). Lastly, an angled art brush that I got from Sallys Beauty Supply store. You can use a cheap eyeliner brush if you can’t find something like it. 
Yes, I bought all of these items myself (modestly cause Im not rich haha) and I am happy and excited to kick off one of many giveaways this year. All you have to do to win is leave me a comment in the comment section of my video, and be a subscriber of my channel! 

(3) Elf brushes – (2) Nicki Minaj Mini Nail Sets and (1) Blanc Bomb Ring!
 Again thank you all so much for supporting my channel and keeping me positive and motivated to do better with myself and my channel. Good luck to those who enter and I read you in the next post!

*Latina Kisses*


  1. Amanda

    Hi Sonia! LOVE your videos! I would have to say my favorite Valentine's Day gift was a song my boyfriend wrote me and performed to me 🙂 It was really cute and he played the guitar haha.

  2. All Things Pretty

    I absolutely love this I was thinking of wearing OPI Kardashian Kollection Wear Something Spar-Kylie as its a really pretty pink and glittery but thats far too boring you've inspired me i'll post on my blog what I come up with 😀 xxx

  3. sance

    I always support women that try to make it in the world.Keep doing you'r thing,you're so real and down to earth!I think Ill try the crackle one because it's so easy 🙂

  4. vanessa

    I love this but question about jewelmint… does the jewellery tarnish like change the colour or is it actual gold or silver jewlery that last a lifetime? Its too badv they do not deliver to Canada! Thanks

  5. Delmy Sabio

    I love this one an all your tutorials in YouTube. You have a very nice sense of humor and I love it.
    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you like the nomination. Take care!

  6. Anonymous

    Omg! I love your video's. You inspire me in so many ways. From mother to mother, You are so beautiful i love your nail work.

  7. Vivi

    Hi Sonia !!! I love your videos !! im a big fan of yours !! im brazilian and i would like to know if you are doing another giveway !!! love your videos i watch all of them !!

  8. Anonymous

    Sonia you are absolutely gorgeous and so talented! The makeup is just icing on an already beautiful cake 🙂 as a fellow mom, I applaud you for your hard work and dedication to both your son and your blogging. Jude is lucky to have u and vice versa. He is just soo sweet and precious. God bless u both. Can you possibly do another makeup tutorial sometime soon, I really love your no fuss makeup looks. And the way you explain makeup steps is easy to understand. Thanks so much (gr8 blog and youtube channel) love u sooo much! Keep up the wonderful wrk!

  9. Anonymous

    To add to my previous post…Btw u look like a latina version of ashley greene from twilight. Ur Simply Gorgeous 🙂

  10. Sara Lopez

    Soy nueva seguidora recién te conocí en youtube, y ahora te sigo, en tu blog, en instagram, en facebook y en twitter… Eres una muy buena madre y tus tutoriales y recomendaciones son lo máximo me han ayudado en cuanto a marcas ya ke recién he llegado a EE.UU vengo de Perú… Saludos y bendiciones!!!

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