Whale watching, aye?
I think it was a random thought, spur of the moment type of deal…my roommate came into my room and said “would you want to go on a day cruise?” I wasnt too sure what I was getting myself into but I was down.
Turns out we went on a day cruise aboard the Eclipse (via Pacific Nature Tours) out of San Diego to the Coronado Islands. It was the the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. We bought our tickets months ago off of a local savings/deals website and saved about $70 each. Of course it would not be a day in the life of Sonia and Crystal if something didnt go as planned. We were running super late, traffic, got lost, and thanks to the big boss man Mark…they waited for us! We ran down the pier about 10 mins late and felt all of the looks that, thankfully to God, could NOT kill. I dont know if it was because we were the youngest and most excited to be on the tour, but we sure did get treated like royalty. There were no inviting seats in site, so we were offered to sit on the top deck next to the Captain’s cabin. In my opinion, the best seats in the house.
We were quickly off to sea…here are some handsome little fellows.

We didnt have time to eat, so thank goodness there was breakfast provided on this trip.

Say cheese!

Surprisingly the coffee was pretty good, and I took that bagel downtown. NOM NOM NOM!

What better place to paint your nails than on a boat?? Hahaha. It was rocking so much I was pretty impressed she did them perfectly.

My reflection in the cabin window…

So happy we had a chance to get away. So much fun, love her!

OMG soooo much to see! Dolphins were showing off left and right. We sailed right in the middle of their pods. I have so much footage Im not sure if I have enough energy for the editing!


My hair kept coming down, then up, then it was cold, then burning hot!

A peek into my outfit of the day (coming soon)

My deck shoes

The crew was so excited, maybe even more than we were. Apparently this was the best tour they ever held because there were dozens of whales before our eyes. I was too busy filming I forgot to take still shots. I was screaming the whole time because we had a few close calls, they kept swimming under and along side the boat. It was so amazing the people on this cruise were in shock! These next pictures do not do it justice! I am going to put a video together and share it on my channel soon so stay tuned for that!

I like how we were the last ones to get on the boat but the firsts to eat and we didnt even have to get up, they were brought to us. Thank you Wild Bill for the attentiveness. We had turkey sandwiches with baked chips and pickles, omg yum!
Driving the boat…

A look at the Coronado Islands and the animals that live there:

Caves and coves.

A little snack, snack, snack-a-roo! Cheese, crackers, and strawberries

It was a really long day with crazy weather and amazing sights. I was really pleased with this tour and recommend it to everyone! FYI we did take sea sick pills and we did not feel sick once!
Have you been on a cruise or whale watching?? Did you get sick? What was your favorite part?


  1. Maritza

    Sonia… this was an amazing post. It looks like you girls had loads of fun. Awesome!

    I love your accessories, more details please =)

    Here in Florida we don't have tours like this one but I can probably find something similar that involves Dolphins and Manatees. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Bella Beauty

    I just started a blog. I would love to hear some suggestions about what people want to read and see and have you as one of my followers! I love your youtube videos and reading your blog!

  3. Anonymous

    U say that the trip was a spare of the moment thing, and your room mate came into your room THAT morning n asked if u wanted to go on a day trip. THEN you say that the tickets were purchased a few MONTHS ago. Pls stop with your constant BS. This is OBVIOUSLY ANOTHER SPONSORED THING. just like EVERYTHING else you do. Your such a liar and so full of crap. Home girl got caught out. Lies after lies after lies. But i assume u will come up with some BS to defend your lie. But its clear as day that your…a…LIARRRR! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Jeez sonia, how about not treating your subscribers/followers like their a bunch of morons. This is obviously SPONSORED. Hense the reason WHY you were being treated like 'royalty' not because you two were the youngest there…but BECAUSE THIS WAS A SPONSORED DAY CRUISE. You seriously need to stop with your lies Sonia. Its beyond disgusting. I dont hate you, i seriously feel sorry for you. You must be more messed up then then i can ever imagine. STOP LYINGGGG! its disgusting!!

  5. Anonymous

    Where did crystal get her wedges? Their to die for! I love them!! And nice pic thanks for sharing! And forget the haters!! Xoxo JJ

  6. sccastaneda

    I dont know anyone personally, and dont owe anyone anything. Call me a liar all you want. I dont really care. Sites that have daily deals, you have to purchase that day and can not book/redeem till after a certain day. So what I said was true. I wish it was free haha. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

  7. Bella Beauty

    Don't call someone a lier if you don't know them personally, plus even if it was sponsored, who gives a crap? She had fun, looked gorgeous and you're all just jealous you didn't get to go on an awesome cruise.

  8. Anonymous

    hi, I recently came across your blog 🙂 so anywho girl where did you get those shoes? they are freaking cute!!! pls reply thanks 😀

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