Under the Sea

The Aquarium of the Pacific
Random thoughts brought us to the aquarium in Long Beach, Ca. I’ve been thinking of places that would be fun and educational for my little Judy and this was one place that was highly recommended. I think maybe Jude was a little too small to really learn anything but colors and textures of the sea animals. 
The Aquarium of the Pacific is located near the Queen Mary, so that’s next on our list. I was excited to see more than just a huge fish tank up in here to be honest. Admission is $25 per adult (thank you honey) and kiddos under 3 are freeee! If you have a 3 year old, they can pretend to be 2 for the day lol and say you $12. They are open from 9am-6pm everyday, we got there a little late, so we rushed through it.
They had black lights in the tanks and it made them all glow, it was beautiful.
Jude wanting to push his own stroller…my little boy is getting so big!
The out door exhibits were my favorite. I wanted to touch everything!
Touching starfish and sea cucumbers among many little water creatures. I was showing Jude that they were nice because he was really apprehensive. I would have been all up in that stinky water if they let me haha.
Jude checking out the Sea Lions.
Jude quickly got brave when it was time to touch and see the jellyfish lol. I had to hold him back from falling in! They feel surprisingly thick and slimy. 
I felt like we got to touch everything, here is Jude next to sharks. YIKES!
Sting Rays!! I was harassing them because they kept going up to other hands. Ryan was laughing at me because I was almost elbow deep in the water trying to touch one. Jude had more luck. I was so excited!
More tank action : Eels and huge Lobsters.
Im not sure what Native American holiday they were celebrating but there were tons of people dressed up, even little ones. Look how precious this little Indian Princess is. *hugs*
Life’s like a box of…
personally I would prefer Mexican candy over a box of chocolates, but anyway…we had lunch across the street at Bubba Gumps. This restaurant’s theme is all on the movie Forest Gump. Hands down one of my favorite restaurants. Yummy!! Ryan with a big ol’ smile, he was starving. 
We started with the Shimper’s Net Catch. Its a lot of work but so worth it. Its a must order when I go. 
Jude Isaac reading over a couple of new books I got him at the aquarium gift shop along with a flashlight.
I loved the display of the kids meals. Jude had the Macaroni and Cheese plate. Came with french fries, jello (that he shared haha, and orange slices)
Hes in a booster feeding himself now 🙂
This was a long post full of pictures, we had so much fun and if you have time on the weekend, I would recommend you check out these places. 
Have you been to a huge aquarium like this? Did you like it? Which other places would you recommend mothers take their small children?
*Latina Kisses*

8 thoughts on “Under the Sea

  1. Ahh, I wanted to go that day to check out the Native American gathering they were having. It wasn't a holiday, it was a celebration for California Native American tribes (which I'm from one :D) called Moompetam or Gathering of the Salt Water People since we are coastal tribes. It's so great you got to check it out while you were there!

  2. this post made me miss home .im from l.b cali now living in a small town in iowa.bubba gumps was my favorite place to eat at the pike.you should also check out shoreline village,there are some cool restaurants there where you can sit outside relax and watch the boats by the water.and there are some really cool clubs/lounges on pine st,all this close to the aquarium.

  3. Aquarium is awesome, I have a 21 month old girl. We took her for the first time 2 weeks ago and she loved it! Knotts is also a good place, not crowded like Disneyland and they have tons of kid rides! also Pretend City in Irvine is also good.

  4. U are such a great mother! Ur not only looking for fun educating places to take ur son but also look at it this way you are building lovely memories! Be proud of yourself “)

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