Los Angeles County Fair – The food is nasty good

How to gain 10lbs in one day: Go to the fair!
The fair comes around these parts twice a year for about a month. The Orange County fair was first, and now its time for Los Angeles to show them up. This might be my 3rd fair with Crystal and its always a good time. We are both chickens when it comes to rides so we went for the shopping, pets, and FOOD!

The animals are so cute but most of the time they look so miserable. It was so hot, we felt like we were melting. I feel so horrible for these little guys.

Crystal was trippin on this albino kangaroo haha. He looks more like a rabbit with a long tail.

You will have to either click on the image or zoom in but there is a monkey in this little kennel. He was covered with a blanket (in 100+ degrees) and hauled away. He was sticking his hands out and pulling the blanket off. He had a sweet sad little face πŸ™

We saw a trailer for a snake show for $1. When we walked in, it was a huge tank in a trailer…the end hahahahahha. We got had. I love snakes though. If any of them looked like they wanted a snack I would have got the heck outta there!

#random fact: I used to volunteer with the neighbor hood kids at a pet shop up the street and clean cages and feed huge snakes like these when I was in elementary. Cool memory.

I was happy to see that they used a huge barn this year. You can enjoy the shade without having to be overwhelmed with the smell of the animals and being in a small cramped space.

Who doesnt like seeing baby animals?? The baby lamb chops had umbilical cords still attached, they were no more than a week old!

Shhhhhhhhh! Little honeys are sleeping! …why am i text yelling?

I knew I wanted a handmade bracelet. I was looking for them all over when I ran into a couple of Latin women calling people over to their stand. So much talent under one tent. CLICK HERE to see what I got (picture via twitter).

We were eating a little bit at a time so that we can try a few things at the fair, I hope you are not starving reading this because this will not help.
Ceviche tostada and melon water

I was told by my sisters boyfriend that this was the MUST GO TO spot.

It sucked! Lol. It was just a tank with sharks, the owners must be cousins with the snake guy.

The little mermaid is that you???

I think my favorite exhibit was the dinosaurs. In the back area there was a little “dino” that we got to touch. Im a hands on learner and this was fun.
We met up with my mom and little sister and took a look around…

Me and my mom wanted to pet him!

This was not my idea, promise haha. It was really uncomfortable for your chacha. LORD!
(Marina -little sis, Me, and Crystal)

More food…this apparently is the most popular fair snack.
Frozen Pickle Pop – Made with real chunks of pickles

Now the check list:
Eat something – fried
Eat something – messy
Eat something – frozen
Mind you, I did have only a taste and not the whole thing. I wasnt trying to throw up haha. Fair food is pricey, so if you came with money to blow…this is something fun to do and share.
FROZEN – Snow cone

MESSY- Pulled pork sandwich
It was so heavy, three bites and i had to dump it. 3 of us got it thinking we would take it down, we should have just shared one.

FRIED – Twinkie with strawberry sauce.
I would not recommend this. Yuck. I had a fried Klondike at the OC fair and it was melted (duh) and soggy dough inside…dont waste your money on it.

Handsome devils….

If it wasnt boiling out it wouldnt be California. I had a great day and couldnt wait to go home and rest my legs. Time flew by fast but we were at the fair for like 5 hours! So much to see, but I was happy that they removed the elephants from the event. I hope you all get a chance to visit the fair before its gone!
If you are going to this particular fair here a few ways to get in cheaper:
  • Ralphs Market has GOOD FRIDAYS where you go to their market and buy 5 Ralphs brand canned foods (some less than a dollar) and bring them to the fair and they will be your ticket! Thats about $6 a ticket. Call or visit a Ralphs near you for specifics.
  • Ralphs sells fair tickets $10 regular ticket price is $17 at the door
  • Go to the fair during the week for $12 at the door
If you go let me know how you liked it and what you had to eat. Be safe and have fun!
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anonymous

    Actually, kangaroos are from Australia and they are used to heat hotter that it will ever reach in LA. I lived in the middle of Australia for 4 years, and trust me, the outback can get, as they would say, bloody hot.

  2. Allie2387

    That fair looked like fun. And you have such exotic animals at your fairs, I'm from CT and we just have farm animals at our fairs haha. Oh btw i love your video's I'm one of your subscribers. I just made my blog so check it out if you have. And keep up the great videos! πŸ™‚

  3. Under the Rainbow

    I'm from Belgium, in Europe, and we don't have animals besides horses for the little kids (when there are some, because most of the time I don't see any), usually there are only trailers with food (french fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, churros), some games and one or two rides!
    You are lucky there, so much to see and taste xD

  4. carolyncjam

    i love fairs, we have a lot of them in ohio, although i do feel sorry for some of those animals, hopefully they live in better conditions regularly.
    do you have the contact information for the 2 bracelets you purchased? i would love one of each πŸ™‚
    thanks, carolyn

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