Clouds at the beach – Family day

Thanks to a post on Facebook…
one of my cousins posted on Facebook that she was heading to a family day at the beach. I immediately called my mom and asked here what time and what beach. My mom told me about this day a week ago but I didnt write it down haha.
We quickly hit the road as soon as Jude work up from his nap. We hit WalMart for some inexpensive beach toys. All of the beach stuff is on clearance. I got two packs of sand toys for $12. Ryan is from the beach so it didnt take us long to find my family and settle in.
Jude and my younger sister, Marina.

It was a really cloudy day. On our way over it was even raining! It was super windy and we spent all of our time near the fire pit, thankfully a ways from the water too.

A shot before more people showed up. We claimed 3 pits, and tons of towels and blankets covering the sand. It was nice to see a lot of family members I haven’t seen it such a long time!

Everytime I am with my family its almost certain I would over eat, and I did! I cant help it. The food is always so good.

I am wearing a turban style headband and a ghostbusters sweatshirt, both from Forever21.

I went to the car for a blanket and I remembered I had a bubble gun in the trunk. Its one of Judes favorite toys and he made sure to spread the bubble love to everyone in our group haha.

I love my family, it was worth the drive.
I am such a chicken when it comes to large body of water…but I sucked it up haha.
*Latina Kisses*


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