Tilapia and Cilantro Rice – Eating good in my hood lol

The best meal is a fast meal….
that is the case if you are the one who has to cook! I love fish and its been a while since Ive made this dish. Jude is a really good eater so I knew he would enjoy it too.
Tonight’s Menu: Tilapia and Cilantro Rice
Total cook time with prep: 20 minuets -Total cost of meal : $9 feeds family of 4
When making a dish with rice, it is suggested to start that first. I almost always use MINUTE RICE because its hard to mess it up. This is what you will need:
Box of MINUTE RICE – white or brown
Butter – I used what we had
Cilantro – chopped
White Onion – diced or sliced
Salt and Pepper – a pinch or two of each

Boil water, then add the cilantro and onion. These go first so they have extra time to become soft. You dont want to have hard pieces of onion in your soon to be fluffy rice.

Next stir in the rice and cover with a lid for 7 minutes. I say seven so it has time to cool down and get nice and moist. I usually add a table spoon of oil, stir, then cover…this is optional.

Now for the fish…
I like to use seasonings that my mom used when I was growing up. She made us fish with similar items (seen below). I love citrus flavoring with fish, amazing combo…and expected combo.

I use a full lime, flip over after the first half.

Season one side with all seasonings, flip over then season again.

The rice is done! One tip: Lightly flip / fold rice with spoon. DO NOT STIR.

Jude could not wait for the fish so he started with the rice πŸ™‚
Heat a non stick pan on medium heat and add 2 table spoons of oil. The fish should start to turn white and this is a sign to flip over. If you are not too sure…take a little peek by lifting a corner of a fish.

Looking good!!

Serve the little guys over a bed of rice and serve with a slice of lime.

Now you are ready to take it down to China Town aka your pansa aka your belly.

I chopped up the fish for Jude, and of course this fish is compeltey boneless!

Happy baby, happy mama!

I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my cooking post, and I hope I didnt already do this one. Its been a while and its hard to keep track! Let me know if you try it.
*Latina Kisses*

9 thoughts on “Tilapia and Cilantro Rice – Eating good in my hood lol

  1. Mmmm…looks yummy! I have a 2 year old boy as well but I can't get him to eat at all!! So I was just wondering if you have any tips or if you can do a post or video about the subject! Thank you!


  2. Looks good…I never make Tilapia (I prefer Salmon), but now I'll have to try it. Thanks for having your blog…I love it & can honestly relate to you & can tell you are a great person!

  3. wow sonia i make this dish alot cause its the easiest to make minus the onion and cilantro but ill have to try it. and tilapia dont stink..lol

  4. Heyy I love this post! U should do these more often.. it really helps out… Oh and I have that high chair for my son! Lol… Gonna have to try this out πŸ™‚ oh if u visit my blog don't critique me cuz I am working on it!

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