Date night with the roomie

Lobster…get in my mouth!
I was looking through the ads in the paper and I came across a coupon for $4 lobster tails at Albertson’s and I go so excited! Usually they are about double that price, I was about to jump in the car to stock up with my roommate when we checked the date on the coupon…of course! Its not valid until Sunday! So I said lets go to Red Lobster! So we jumped in my car and headed into town.
25 mins later we get to the restaurant and in the entry way was a tank full of yummy dudes. I know its sad to say hi to them before Imma eat them, but they are so damn good!

Crystal and I both ordered the same thing.
The Ocean is in our face and about to be in our bellies!

Crystal is starting a blog so stay tuned for that!! She was taking pictures for twitter.


Every time that we go out, I think people think we are a couple, and I am always the man! Haha! The waitress asked if we were going to go home and paint together wtf hahah.

Any excuse to blog, I will. I want to do it daily or every other day. Thanks for stopping by!
*Latina Kisses*


  1. SHEROkxZx3

    @sccastaneda did you ever announce the winner of the bag giveaway from your blog? Anyways this food looks good lol ya always looking great and look like very good and cool persons πŸ˜€

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