Watermelon Chile Balls – I dont know what else to call them

Lets get fancy with it
Usually I just chop up a watermelon like a jungle women, they groBoldw in the jungle right?? lol, and throw it all in a bowl. Today I felt like getting a little fancy with it. Im Mexican…ciiiiiiaaaooooo…and my mom would fix us almost every fruit with lemon and chile powder, its the bomb so dont knock it till you try it!
This is my Watermelon Chile Balls aka Heaven in yo mouf!
What you need:
Small/Baby WatermelonSeedless if you are a baller
Chile powderIm using Trechas brand
LemonMy mom has a tree, so I just go to her house lol
Fruit ball scoopYou can find these anywhere. I had no clue what it was used for when I was little. Learn something new everyday.

This gets messy, so dont wear your wedding dress when trying to make this delicious treat.

Throw them in a bowl, squeeze a lemon over them, shake it but dont break it…
chile powder on top and enjoy!!

I love them because the size is perfect, and they are so cute!
If you guys try this let me know! I also made a fruit salad for the kids and I used cookie cutters to cut fun shapes our of the different melons.
What fun and memorable things did your mom/caretakers make for you when you were younger? Share!
*Latina Kisses*
(I hate that I have to upload pix starting from the bottom, because if I want to add a new picture it apears at the top and I will have to drag it to the bottom….*shakes fits* damn you blogger)


  1. Gabs

    I love watermelon with lime and chile. People give me weird looks sometimes but I don't think you've lived until you've tried it, hahahaha. I used to eat apples with lime and chile, and oranges with chile. Man, we're obsessed with chile.

  2. Myra

    Damn Chica!
    Me distes una nueva idea.. never thought of fancing up the watermelon like that. hehe i will try it! i love Limon con todo too.. (mouth waters)

  3. a womans beauty and fashion addiction

    hi.. i recently found u on yt and watch ur videos often and follow your blog as well.. i like your vidoes a lot and blog but what i have to say that i like the most is that you include your baby in them and show great tips for mom's too.. keep up the great work.. saludos de houston texas..

  4. soniab

    i love eating fruit with chili powder. Have you tried potato chips with lemon and chili powder? I LOVE Lays like that. Also there's a powder by TAJIN that is sooo delicious! try it out if you get the chance

  5. VPan

    I love watermelon with chile y limon, I know about the funny looks too! My hubbie is Afr Amer and tells me all the time, “why do u put chile and limon on a sweet thing” It's Mex thing I say… cute idea..

  6. Anonymous

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