Babies work out too!

Lets get up and Dance!
Jude is my life, and I was not going to let it be a boring and unproductive one. I signed Jude up for a mommy and me class before and he loved it so much. I was looking for something that was more than once a week and that will be entertaining the whole way thru. I looked at a few places online and decided to give MyGym a shot.
Before we went to the gym, I took Jude to the dentist. He had he teeth checked and counted. His teeth were stronger than ever. I love my little honey’s smile, it makes me melt. He looks like a little model! It was an early appointment so we ran out of the door with a banana in hand.
My big boy :0)

I needed my Starbucks fix, so I got Jude a kids milk so he didn’t feel left out.
I am still trying to ween him off and this is the best way. Introducing him to whole milk, 100% fruit juices, and lots of water has cut it down to once a day and for only 5 mins. He gets over it and wants some water I keep on my night stand.

Jude is my one and only child at the moment and it has definitely been a learning experience. I love being a mommy, and knowing there are activity centers like MYGYM just make it that much more fun!
With friendly instructions by Miss Holly and Mr Mikey, Jude and the other children quickly got comfortable and explored the gym. The way things were set up, it reminded me of Boomers (family fun center) and a gymnastics gym smashed together. There were tons of things to do.
Jude loved the ball pit.
There were two ramps to walk over before you can jump in…he spent a lot of time in there.

…and he loved the trampoline…

There were gymnastics bars too!
Dont underestimate 2 year olds!

After singing and dancing, its time to wind down. Jude did so well!

After class we over, he went straight to the water cooler.

The gym was quiet.
The trial went well, I signed him up and we are now members of this gym. Its $70 a month, but he loved it so much, it was worth it! When we got home, Jude napped for 2 hours.
Are you a mommy? What kinds of activities do you do with your child(ren)?
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Liz Marie

    So cute!!! You are such a good mommy.. I swear. I'll have to remember this when I have a baby. Such a good idea! I'm glad you are back on the blog with all these posts! Love it!! xx Liz

  2. KiKi Ann

    aww this post is so sweet … my kids watch me workout everyday so they join me .. my son loves p90x and my daughter loves zumba .. we go for walks twice a day w our dog and we play outside as much as we can … we ride our bikes and i play alot of tag w them too … so looks of cardio..ur such a good mommy .. ur son is super adorable … god bless him xoxo

  3. Ultra_Raquel87

    Soo cute love that gym!!!! I have a five year old and he loves to play the wii & go swimming. I plan on signing him up for basketball which would be on fridays and games on saturdays it's only $25 a month so it's not too bad and it will keep him entertained because he's favorite thing to say is “Mommy I'm So bored” lol

  4. Kate Moore

    What a cute gym! I wish we had one of those around here! I go to 24 hr fitness and sign my girls into the kids club. They have a jungle gym, lost of room to run, and plenty of stuff to play with. For fun and to stay active we go to the pool and the park at least 3x a week! Cute post, your son is a stud 🙂

  5. Isela

    Jude is so adorable! He's starting to look like a lil man, especially w that haircut. Very cute! I only have one son too. He's 17 YEARS old! Not months! lol. I started very young but only had one. Married for 7 yrs now but no kids together.

    I don't know if u remember seeing my son when I ran into u at the George Lopez live taping show????

  6. Analilia

    I still have some time left before Mommy and Me classes like the one you and Jude went to (he is turning 4 mos old on Thursday), but this is such an awesome thing to look forward to. I can't wait!

  7. Miasayuri

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    Thank you!
    I've also asked you this in youtube but I was afraid u wouldnt see it so i decided to post it here 2. sorry…***
    By the way… Your son is soooooo adorable!!!!

  8. MikaBella

    So cute I need to look into that! And his haircut is too cute. Any tips on how to keep the little ones entertained while getting their haircut. Mine is terrified 🙁 so thee hubby cuts it at home to avoid the crying and yells.


  9. Isela

    Yes Sonia, it was my hubby, son, & brother w me that day. Hubby knows all my YouTube gurus by name now lol. He says that you guys are my “imaginary” friends lol b-cuz when I talk about u guys it seems like I know u lmao. Kinda do, huh?!

  10. Niome

    Love this post! I'm a mom of course! I tried Gymboree which is similar to what you signed up for…and now we just have play dates, indoor/ outdoor parks, museums, zoo, movies (now he'll sit through it) and basically anything we can think of!! lol! Since this post…I'm thinking of finding another (or same) place to sign up!

  11. Anonymous

    hey sonia i just luv your videos and blog! my son is 21 months and i'm a stay at home mom so it feel so nice to find someone to relate to:) can you do a video on what jude eats and is into like toys stuff you use for him that you would recommend. i would lov to see that:)-joanna

    ps i put anonymous cause i dont have any of these accounts

  12. Anonymous

    70 is a lot but like you said its all worth it! I can't wait till my little one is able to walk so we can do more things together.
    Your still breastfeeding ??


  13. Bambi

    He is soo cute and gettign so big.. I have taken my twin boys ( 20 months) to a place called gator freds its just like a huge play place for the kids bouncy houses and different play stations like a store and such. Also our local library has a pretty nice play area with trains and different things. =]

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