Pool Party Baby! – Jude’s 2nd Birthday

My baby is now a Toddler!
This year my son, Jude Isaac, turned 2 years old! Oh my goodness how time flies! It was over a week ago so I am trying to dig in my messy memory for details of this eventful afternoon. I was really stressed that this party was going to be like his first and to my surprise it was better. Since Jude’s father and I are no longer together, we had separate parties so this year the guest list was shortened.
I knew it was going to be a small group that would come because not many of my family members have small children, so a pool party during summer was the best idea I had. Then to keep myself from going broke, knowing I had to pay for it all myself, I picked hot dogs for the main dish.
Alley Dogs
Everyone I know loves Alley Dogs – bacon wrapped hot dogs with grilled peppers and onions. They were a hit. I pre warpped the dogs and cut up the veggies the night before so I had one less thing to do the day of. Thanks to Ryan and B for manning the grill because the lord knows I wanted nothing to do with it!

Jude has been obsessed with bubbles lately so I made sure to incorporate them some how. While I was at the 99CENTS store I ran into a whole section dedicated to them, so I picked up about 7 wands with trays and set them outside of the clubhouse, I rented it for the party, and the kids went wild! I also purchased a bubble machine from Party City, but with my luck…it didnt work.
Heres a little peek inside of the clubhouse where everything was set up. I had picnic tables decorated outside, but it was burning up like hell so everyone spent most of the time here or at the pool. See any familiar faces?? There is B, Brigitte and Crystal!
On the big screen I had Yo Gabba Gabba “Broobee’s Birthday” DVD on repeat. Lined up in front of it were the “beach/pool” bags that had little toys and nick-nacks for the kids to play with and then eventually fill when it was time to hit the pinata. (Bags from 99CENTS store, toys/party favors from Target $2-3 each)
A pool party would not be complete without a snow cone machine!!
($55 Jump Connection, Azusa)
Along with hot dogs, Crystal made deviled eggs and macaroni salad. I dont know what she put in those eggs but they were a hit. Fruit salad and mini bags of chips were taken down to china town before I can snap pictures of ’em lol.
The Cake
Omg, when I went to pick up this cake I was in love!! Look at all the detail that was put into this cake and amazing use of fondant and food colored gel!
(I deleted the close up shot on accident! damn it! CLICK HERE to view it)
Jude’s been practicing blowing out candles in my room all month…
The cake was difficult to cut with the fondant on and it crumbled eventually! It was a rainbow in side with strawberries in cream in the middle. Everyone was quietly enjoying the cake 🙂

Time to open gifts before we head to the pool! He got so many cool gifts, including a power wheel, training potty, toys, clothes, play kitchen, bike, couch, tv and my favorite…books!!)

Some of our guests posing for a quick picture with their swim toys in hand.
(Dolphins from 99CENTS STORE, Star rings from WalMart, and Beach balls my mom had a few randomly lol)
A mexican party would not be complete without a pinata! And yes, we had to break that bad boy in the parking lot next to the clubhouse because there were no trees high enough to hang it from hahah. We made it work!

Had to collect some candy for my sisters kids who were LATE AND MISSED EVERYTHING!! lol

Time to get wet and wild! All the kids were waiting for the real party started….in the pool.

(My mom with my twin’s daughter Emma and son Mikey)

Some of the party wondered off into the hot tub haha. My aunt didnt want to get out!

There were so many pictures from this day, but I would be here all night! I just wanted to share a little bit of Jude’s party with all of you because I know a lot of you were asking about it. It was better than I expected and I was really happy to have most of the people that I really care about be there to celebrate another year of my sons life.
God is good! I have been so blessed this last year to have come out of the darkness and say that I am truly happy and so very blessed to be able to take care of myself and my son. Thank you everyone for your support, love and prayers.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anonymous

    Awwww, Sonia, it's great to see you and your family and friends come together for Jude!! Memories are forever and you are truly blessed!

  2. x Ms. Lorraine x

    Looked like a great party! Looks like Jude had a wonderful 2nd Birthday party. I swear my apartment complex must be owned by the same owner as yours because I just had my birthday party at our clubhouse and pretty much looked the same. LOL

  3. Anonymous

    aww sonia i got a knot in my throat,god is good, glad to see you happy for i have been in that darkness as well with a young child and not knowing what the future will hold.

  4. Tan Mom

    you did great Sonia.. pat your back ..having a 2 yr old myself i can totally understand the kind of stress one goes threw to pull of a party like that … i could never do it alone… u inspire me so much.. happy b'day to Jude and god bless you both

  5. iheartbabyj

    wow! 2 already. i still remember when i started watching your pregancy videos =) time does fly! im planning a 1st bday party for my son and woaahh, there is a lot more to do than i expected. loved judes cake by the way, so cute!!!

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