Lisa Frank Nails – Get funky with it!

Bringing it back…way back

If you grew up in the 90s you might remember Lisa Frank, a bright and colorful stationary line that was know for bright funky colors and patterns. I have seen tons of nail tutorials inspired by Lisa Frank so I wanted to try it for you guys! Here is a little spiral notebook that I got some inspiration from:

The nail polish that I am using:

The raspberry polish by ColorClub is not marked, LA Girl – Funkadelic, SinfulColors – Pink & Neon Melon.
Next I prepared my nail station: Konad stamper, scraper, and m57 plate. I have cotton squares soaked in polish remover on stand-by. You need to clean the plate after each image transfer. I also have a plastic cutting “board” with a few sheets of paper towels over it, to protect the table I am using.

The m57 has to be Konads most popular plate because it has both zebra and cheetah prints on them. Everyone has asked me a million times when I got my konad supplies…ebay!

I start my polish application with a base coat. Usually its a nail protection/strengthener. I have been using NAILS ALIVE that I got from It works great for those of us who just had acrylics and need so repair!

Painting a strip of each color, darkest to lightest, make sure they are dry before moving to the next stripe.(not happy with how thin the raspberry was :/)

This is how your nails should look after each color is applied.

Next for the stamping of the animal print. Paint a thick coat of special black polish over image.

Scrape off and stamp firmly over image and roll onto nails.

After nails have had time to dry, add your favorite top coat for a professional finish.

I am using Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat.

Ta-Da! The Konad stamps are my current addiction. I know I am late, Ive had them for a while…but I don’t know what made me dust them off and give it a try. I love them and a lot of my Twitter followers love them too!

If you want to watch my live video CLICK HERE

Do you have Konad plates? Which plates should I get and what questions do you have about the system. I am not affiliated with the company, I am just a nail junkie who is currently in love with stamping!

*Latina Kisses*



  1. Ashley Henaine

    I know that the Konad system comes with nail polish (right?), but can you use any regular nail polish with it?

  2. AlbeeLucky

    I love my Konad plates. You're right about that one being popular, it was the first one I bought. I got mine through the site itself. Your nails turned out so cute. I'm going to have to try it (:

  3. Micaela

    I recommend the one that has the butterflies since its my fav! Every time i try to stamp my nails it does not take how long am I supposed to file the pink pad in between? Yours look amazing.

  4. libbeh

    Cute!!!!!! I love the homage to Lisa Frank! That was my favorite stationary in the early 90s when my mom was too lazy to take me to the Sanrio store, hahaha!

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