How to make your old / current makeup brushes like new!

Like new: Dry n’ Shape

I have tons of brushes that I have lost hope for because they are wicked and wild. The hairs are all over the place and thanks to Jude, they are smushed to hell. In the mail came the answer to my brushes’ prayersSigma’s Dry n’ Shape.

I love the packaging everything comes in from Sigma.What it looks like inside…

Two buttons to keep your brushes secure…

These loops are the secret to the shaping and drying process.

The pockets below help keep your brushes in line and doubles as a brush roll!

Did you fall asleep? Whats wrong with ya?! Snap outta it because this is where I’m going to show you how I clean my brushes and get them back in to shape in no time!

I start with an anti bacterial hand soap that promotes moisture for your hands (which will condition your brushes). I like these types of soaps because they will kill bacteria that can cause breakouts, but they will still be soft and smell great at the same time.

Always hold your brushes at a downward angle to keep the water from running into the handle that can potentially loosen the glue and cause the brush to fall apart. No bueno.

In a swirly motion I clean my brushes with a drop of soap in the palm of my hands under the warm running water till the water is clear. Pat dry with a small hand towel.Taking the brush starting with the end of the handle, slip thru the top of the loop till the bristles are snug and covered by the black elastic band. If you go to far, just continue to bring the brush down from the top. You do not want to try to push it back, from bottom up because this will mess up the hairs.

Should look as it does in the picture below.

Slip the brush handle into the bottom pocket and continue the same steps to the other brushes.

This system accommodates brushes of all sizes big to small…





Some of the brushes are out of order but you can clearly see that the Dry n’ Shape does work. These are not all Sigma brushes either….so they will work for all brands.


Holds 12 brushes

Dries and ReShapes brushes in under 6 hours (it took 4.5 for me)

Cost $29 USD on Sigma website

Doubles as a brush holder


I can honestly say that this will motivated me to care for my new and older brushes, extending their shelf life. You can follow the washing steps and place your brushes over night laying on a flat surface, this will prevent the water from going to the handle.

What do you wash your brushes with? I used MACs Brush cleaner but it was really $$. I tried e.l.f.’s brush cleaner and it didnt do anything for them. I have been using hand soap and its been working just fine.

*Latina Kisses*



  1. Anonymous

    I use either baby shampoo or my shampoo which is very moisturizing. One time I used my face cleanser and it worked great too.

  2. Blanca1018♥

    I make my own brush cleaner using the Enkore's tutorial…
    For deep cleaning I love using baby shampoo mixed with gentle dish soap to get all the bacteria and oils out.

    Thanks for sharing this seems to work wonders…the drying process is just as important as cleaning them.


  3. Anonymous

    in one of your videos you talked about the things you got at and you were wearing a knitted sweater… can you please tell me the size?

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Sonia .. i read your blog from the start and i feel your such an amazing person and a role model for many including me. Kris just dosen't know what he missed. Jude is the sweetest i can say that cause i have a 2 yr old boy too. its a blessing to have a son like Jude. I can totally understand cause until i had aaron ( my 2 yr old) i din't want to have children . and even since i have had him . hes my world and he put things in perspective. I don't wanna bore you with all this .

    what i would like to say is your extremely beautiful, talented and lucky to have Jude, and your girl friends in your life .

    All the best wish you the best in life

  5. Lee

    I'm definitely going to look into this. I usually just clean my brushes & leave them on a towel to dry but they never look the way they did when I bought them so I like this idea!!

  6. Amy

    I copied Kandee Johnson for brush cleaning… she combines 2 parts of antibacterial dish soap + 1 part olive oil on a plate, swirls the brushes around, squeezes out make-up mess with paper towels and then rinses really well. Then re-shape and let dry.

    Michelle Phan has good tips on brush cleaning too!!

  7. Gloria

    I use Johnson & Johnson's Baby shampoo…the one thats blue(For curly hair…lol) it has a little conditioner in it so I feel it gives my brushes a little extra. Btw I <3 your blog and vids sonia!I always look foward in reading/viewing! =)

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