My Inner DragQueen

I love DragQueens

I really do. I love the makeup and the costumes. Women can easily put on makeup and run around in heels…but for big med to tuck and suck themselves into their get-up is amazing. I was first introduced to drag from the movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. If you have not seen it you will love it! Its sooo funny. I love John Leguizamo’s character!

Anyway, I have been hooked on RuPaul’s Dragrace and DragU on Logo. When my roomie told me about a drag show close by I jumped at the chance to see them with my big brown eyes.

(My roommate, Crystal and I)

We went to “Drag Idol” at Oasis Night Club in Upland, Ca. There were so many Queens! They were all pretty rough around the edges, lol, but I was still really excited.

Divas…they were all divas too.

This next Queen had a cool outfit on and red hair. She sang “Diamonds are Forever”.

It was packed. I didn’t know this little club was so popular, it was my first time.Loved her eye shadow. These men have talent!We had so much fun, danced till we couldn’t feel our feet. I think hands down, gay clubs have the best music.

(cochina lol)

Now, so no one gets it twisted…I am NOT gay. I just enjoy the art and performance of Drag Queens. The makeup is amazing.


When we were younger, Crystal and I would go out all the time and have a blast. Its crazy to see how much we have changed over the years. Its been a journey and its not over!

Happy 27th Birthday Peakin!

*Latina Kisses*



  1. Bethany

    That looks like so much fun!!! I have a friend who does drag and it's always the best time going to watch him with some of my girlfriends =)

  2. Sweet Susy

    That's what my friends say, that Gay clubs are way funner plus the guys there dont touch you unless you're a guy…lol…
    And it looks like you had a blast =)

  3. Mary Elizabeth

    When you say the music is the best, do you just mean electronic music in general? Or just their specific kind of electronic music? I am a HUGE fan and promoter of electronic music and I feel like the only place in the states where you can hear it is at gay clubs, luckily for me, my club plays it every night!! 🙂 Glad you enjoy it, either way 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Hi just started watching your YouTube video and reading blog its awesome I was wondering what shade do you use in nyx foundation you have the same skin tone as I do

  5. 8868d25a-8d22-11e0-946d-000bcdcb5194

    I just found your blog today and have been reading through it for an hour. I love the fact that your'e genuine and humble. I was reading another Latina gurus blog but for the life of me i just couldn't relate to her. But your a wonderful mother and your beauty tips are well noted. Thank you for being you, you have one more faithful viewer from now on.


  6. Anonymous

    I have been loving Rupaul's Drag Race, some of the contestants from season 1 & 2 perform at Micky's in West Hollywood on Monday nights (every Monday). It's pretty awesome.

    Also, you should watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert. It inspired To Wong Foo, and is a better film, imo. The costumes are amazing!

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