My new favorite Shampoo and Conditioner – Colored Hair

Keep the color going strong

I went to a salon about a month ago with my roomie Crystal in San Dimas, Ca. I forget the name of it like a ding dong, if it comes to me while I write this I will let you guys know what it is. Anyhow, I was checking out all of the beauty and hair care products that they had on display and I had to get something. I know I didn’t have to get something but I must have a problem hahah. My bath room looks like a beauty supply store! I remembered that I not only needed to dye my hair but that I needed to make sure that I bought something that would hold the color.

Bumble and Bumble Color Support : Shampoo and Conditioner

is what I decided to pick up.

I loved the packaging. Packaging is one thing that grabs your eyes, so I appreciated it haha. These products have color in them that are gonna help keep your dye job lasting longer. They come in I think 4 other shades, Blond being the lightest and Black the darkest.
This is a picture of the Shampoo, rich dark brown in color.

Next is the Conditioner, its thick and creamy.

When I think of color infused hair washes I automatically expect them to smell like dye. This B&B line smells like Dr.Pepper soda chap stick by SMACKERS. I’m not sure if this product is international…but that’s the only way I could describe it! I don’t even currently own it lol but it was a scent from way back when I was younger *cough cough* I’m going to be 27 in 2 months*cough cough*

I also picked up a small…tiny bottle of dry shampoo by Bumble and Bumble. It has color in it too so I have been too scared to use it! I need to because it was $20 USD! I tweeted a picture of it when I bought it so some of you might know what I am referring to. At cashout I almost had a heart attack when I heard the total…$79! AHHHHH! I got it anyway, but they told me if I didn’t love it I could return it. To my surprise I really like it! I think I might be buying it again if I don’t find something better from now until then.

I did notice that my color has stayed darker. I like to wash my hair and body…hello!…in really hot water and that tends to wash out color faster…but by turning the water temp down a bit and using this combo it has extended the life of my hair color. I am not saying to go get this because I know spending $25 a bottle might be ridiculous and make most budgets laugh…I’m just sharing my thoughts. I’m not sure where you can buy this stuff online…but suggest googling, and stay of for liquid/cream products.

What do you recommend? Dupe?

*Latina Kisses*


10 thoughts on “My new favorite Shampoo and Conditioner – Colored Hair

  1. I use something called Riveting Reds that I get from Sallys for about $9 a bottle. It's the same thing as the Bumble & Bumble one but it is meant for those that color their hair red, like myself. They also have one for brown hair and I'm not sure of the name, but if you go into Sallys, it's right next to the Riveting Reds.

  2. Hey Sonia, I had a similar shampoo (Spaniard) a long time ago for red hair, the shampoo was red, $20 for a small bottle. All I can say I've been looking for it for years now! Great to see an alternative for brunettes, esp helpful since I've been a brunette (naturally) for years now. Great post!

  3. Tressa Watercolors in Mocha Drench! Much cheaper and IMO better quality.. I'm in beauty school and this is what we recommened as 'at home maintanence' for people who want their color to last longer! Wicked stuff!

  4. Hey girl..i have come back to following your blog again after almost 8 months just to find tht u look even more fab. Can you do videos or blog on how you gt in such gr8 shape after delivery and birth. your diet and workout would be so helpful n inspiring…

  5. You need to try bumble and bumble treatment line mending pro complex shampoo quenching and conditioner in mending also there shine shampoo and conditioner that's new is awesome

  6. You need to try bumble and bumble treatment line mending pro complex shampoo quenching and conditioner in mending also there shine shampoo and conditioner that's new is awesome

  7. LOL. I thought its Bumblebee and Bumble. My bad. Anywayts, it's true that packaging is one of the primary reason why you buy a product even if you don’t have any knowledge about it. You gamble in the process, good thing that you like the product and you got your money's worth in the end.

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