Good Eats – Sopes + Product of the Night

My little artist

Jude loves books and he loves to color! I got him a chalkboard / whiteboard for ROSS that was around $9. Hes a little guy still so it was perfect because it sits right on top of an old table we have on the patio until we get new furniture for it. This is how Jude starts his mornings…a bowl of strawberries and pjs covered with marker 🙂

He still has bed head ahaha 🙂 Little honey.
Dinner, Please
It felt like such a long day! When we got back from the market I had the tough decision of what to make for dinner. I knew I wanted something that wasn’t going to take too long, and that had to feed a few people. I had a sope at Olvera Street, so it was an easy choice.

What you will need:
Pico de Gallo – Tomatoes, Onion, Cilantro. Cabbage, Lemon and Mexican cheese.

Meat of your choice, Ryan wanted beef…so we cooked the Carne Asada.

Re fried beans – Good thing we had these in the pantry! I almost forgot!

Sope shells, that’s what I call them…and veggie oil to fry them.

I didn’t want to risk burning myself lol…so I sacrificed Ryan hahah.

Put them all together and TA-DA! Oh shoot! I forgot to mention that there is sour cream in the mix. I love me some sour cream!


Product of the Night:

Beauty Rush Candy, Baby Body Double Mist by Victoria’s Secret

This body mist is not only a fragrance, but its an oil spray too. As you can see in the following pictures the light pink and clear liquids separating.

Since I got this thing I swear I use it everyday right out of the shower!

I wanted something that was going to smell really sweet and give my skin some moisture at the same time. I am a girly-girl so this is perfect! The only way that I can describe the scent is cotton candy! 🙂 The oil gives my skin a nice glow.



After we washed up, Jude knew it was time for bed. Bed time also comes with a few stories which is Jude’s favorite part! Book of the night : 10 Little Ladybugs.

Its getting late, I just wanted to share the night with you all. I hope you have a chance to make this for your family one night. Let me know how it goes.

*Latina Kisses*



  1. Anonymous

    Aww Jude is soooo cute!!! Btw, your dinner looks so GOOD! can you post the recipe you used for the carne asada?

  2. Catherine's News

    ohh u need to try the Pure Romance Body Dew it's amazing…
    protege la piel, hace un glow, suevisa la piel, tiene un aroma uff ni te digo y el oil q le brinda a tu piel uff … conste no lo vendo pero actualmente he remplazado VS por PR hehe cdt

  3. AlbeeLucky

    Jude is just adorable, great photos of him. Heading out to the grocer today and diffidently going to pick up somethings to make sopes. It looks so yummy and super easy to make. Thanks for posting it.

  4. Ea Verona

    That meal looks delish! I might try it one of these days this week and make it a Mexican Night! That is so awesome how your son is yearning to learn things and how much he loves books! My niece is the same way! They're just growing up too fast!! Next thing you know They'll be graduating highschool and you'll be wondering where has the time gone?! Keep up the good work on raising a smart and intelligent son!

  5. Anonymous

    I love eating sopes haven't made them in a while because we are trying to eat healthier. You should try making a salsa for it, I love eating spicy but my husband and kids don't so I make a tomato salsa that has oregano, onions and salt! It's very simple to make and it gives it a really good flavor!


  6. Danielle

    Aww Jude is so cute! My son has the same yo gabba gabba sheets. You should paint that table with chalkboard paint. I bet Jude would have a lot of fun coloring on it.

  7. Amanda

    Thanks for the recipe-looks amazing! Pleast pose a carne asada recipe.

    Also, thanks for mentioning Studio Gear Flawless foundation. I bought it because I needed a new one-I was matched at Ulta and it is amazing! They have a sale right now, so I received a full size loose powder free!

    I would have never known of that brand if you didn't mention it

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