Nail Art – Comic Nails Fail?


I saw a tutorial on Youtube the other night and I wanted to test it out. On Mothers Day, before I got to my mom’s house…I picked up the Sunday paper.

To be honest, I don’t read the comics so I was not looking for anything in particular. I picked “Tina’s Groove” simply because she has dark hair like me hahha.

Following the directions of the video you will need a base, I am using a nail strengthener by Nail Tek.
2 coats of white nail polish of your choice, I am using one by Wet n Wild.

Then next steps call for:

Newspaper, Rubbing Alcohol, and a shallow dish.

Side note: please excuse the nasty little bowl I am using. I use it for water marbling lol.

Take the image that you want to transfer on your nails and dip into the alcohol filled bowl.

Then quickly place on nail and hold down with opposite thumb for 30 seconds.

DAMN IT!! Nail art fail! lol. They transferred soooo light. If you watch the video I linked in the beginning of this post…her transfers are amazing!

I had a few good ones, but still not as bright as the ones I saw in the video.

I think they look kinda cool being that they are not perfect and the images are still there. So maybe, to make myself feel better, these are the more subdued version.


hahhahaa. I think the ink in a comic book are a lot more intense…so that is what I recommend you all try. I’m going to look for yard sales this weekend and see what I can find!

I also did newspaper print nails using a grey base and the PennySaver and they came out really cute! Let me know what you guys think and if you have tried this before. Any tips??

*Latina Kisses*



  1. Anonymous

    i tried this today but for the first nail i did on me i sorta left the comic on my nail too long that the alcohol not only didnt transfer the cartoon but messed up the whole thing so i had to remove it all but its all good my nails look awwsome!!! thanks for the idea

  2. ddr005

    Sonia also try those old fashioned gum–Bazooka gum. The cartoon wrapping would be perfect sizing for each nail. Despite you'd have to eat 10 pieces to complete the look totally worth it bc it's yummy gum. Just a thought to help you out!

    Xoxo Destiny

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