Dinner at Carls

Carly was getting her Paula Deen on…
Its been raining like crazy in our area and it feels like it will never let up. I hope it does because I hate staying home all day locked in my room like a broken down princess. Carly came over to show me all of her thrifting scores, I’m sure she will film a haul soon, and she invited me over for dinner .
All she really cooks is chicken so she wanted to spicy things up by using salmon.
I’m not a huge fan of artichokes but she must be cause she was tearing it up with a side of mayo. I couldn’t watch, I was about to barf. Something about mayo makes me gag. The smell is so nasty and I can go on and on so lets move to the next dish…

From the looks of it…someone already got to this pot of mashed potatoes or girl just used 2 potatoes for this dinner. Jude ate most of my plate starting with’em.

I’m not a HUGE fan of this particular fish, but I needed some home cooking in my life so it hit the spot. I love lemon so I was diggin the seasoned Nemo I had on my plate.
I’m trying to be good so when serving myself I made sure the salad was the biggest portion. I need to start working out so I can eat whatever the devil obviously invented without feeling like a beast.
As you can see from my plate…it was disgusting.

Im kidding it was alright. Lol. I love you Carly thanks for dinner gurrrl.
I need to start blogging at better hours. I always blog when Im super tired and in the dark.
The next post will probably be of xmas, then hopefully New Years Eve.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Mei Mei

    i love how you share things like this…love salmon…yummy…
    i would love if you checked out my blog sonia, who knows maybe you'll like it…lol! meimeisbeautyblog.blogspot.com

  2. JasminaBronsina

    Sonia I luv your blog, and your YouTube channel! Ask Carly for the recipe and instructions to make the salmon. I luv salmon, but scared to make it it. Something about making fish, scares me. But I would luv to try. Thanks 🙂

  3. Mardia Coronado

    Sonia, what are u talking about you already look good.. please pass the secret 😉 what did u do these past months to keep off the weight?

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