Wet and Wild Saturday Night
Wild not in the fun way either. I will wait to tell you about that in a minute. First things first, I need to get dressed and I got a little help tonight. Usually Jude Isaac is with his dad on the weekend, but he had other plans so my little man became my hairdresser lol.
He watches me every time that I get dressed and I think hes learned a few things along the way. This is him “brushing” my hair. He just gave me a huge knot, sexy.
Strike a pose…or something like it haha.
Black V Neck by Fashion Q
Tribal Print Skirt by Cotton On
Belt by FOREVER21
Black Booties (not seen, worn at The Standard) by Fashion Q

I love these skirts, I bought a few of them.

Key Club Hollywood, Ca – Dj Quik
We have been wanting to see Dj Quik for a while now but it never worked out. It was raining men outside and the parking was on a damn mountain so it was a challenge not to fall and roll down in 5inch heels lol. We got hooked up at the door so we didn’t have to pay $40 so that’s always cool and that will soon be a blessing…
Restroom : Fix hair and makeup, thanks to the rain.
Always a good time for a quick mirror picture or two!
Okay now for the awesome performance…not.
“Are we on Venice Beach??!” – Carly
He was jammin the whole time. I was waiting to hear stuff that the whole room actually knew. I was filming for what seemed like forever! He was just pulling random junk out of a suitcase and was serious freakin me out when he was pounding on the drums. We had to leave…fast!
On the road to Little Temple
It was a little past midnight and we didn’t want to waste the night so we decided to hit up one of our new favorite spots on Saturday night, Little Temple.
There were too many freak nasty people in there that night. I think it was because it was the rain or something, all the cool people were missing in action at wack sweater parties or some thing lol. There were a handful of good songs, a handful of creepologists, and the only thing on our mind was FOOD!
We ended the night in the parking lot of Jack in the Box eating something really nasty that I would wake up regretting haha. All in all was a good night, with my girls at my side…nothing is THAT bad πŸ˜‰
Where do you and your girls go on the weekend?
*Latina Kisses*

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  1. I love your hair Sonia and you are looking great! Good for you πŸ™‚

  2. You looked Beautiful!!! =)


  3. u r so beautiful…..

    im new here hope u will visit my blog..


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. you girls are the cuttest everrrr
    you have the cutest style!!

  6. looks like fun and Jude is very cute brushing your hair : ) beautiful hair btw! too bad the clubs were wack, that's every single club in my state lol this weekend i went to a vegas themed bday party, it was fun, drank played casino games

  7. hotttt

    Sonia your makeup looks awesome and sultry πŸ™‚

  8. Looking good. And Jude is adorable brushing ur hair. Btw, are u and jude's dad still together.

  9. Sonia, you look Beautiful! God Bless! xoxoxo πŸ™‚

  10. I love ur make-up especially the color you used for the eye shadow. What did you use?

  11. I saw DJ Quick a few months back and he seemed a little off! LOL He was talking about Alicia Keys and I was pretty worried for the dude.

  12. hey girl,
    i swear i can never find anything as nice as yours when i go to forever 21! i love ur style i wish i could go shopping with u!!!

    <3 Sarahsmile :)

  13. You look soo good!

    Aww your little man is such a cutie.


  14. Can u please do a go to everyday look !!! PLEASE! xxxxx

  15. Hey sonia omg so I was like what the heck is fashion q and then I found it is it right on arrow high way and azusa. Or is that some were else ohhh and my boyfriend and I had tickets for dj quick that same night but the weather was wack so we didn't go

  16. Sonia just wanted to tell you that you are a beautiful young lady, please don't cut your hair

  17. i loveee the outfit & makeuppp & hair !
    hahah i love everything
    so thanks to carlys haul , i went to
    Cotton On at Montclair Plaza for the first time
    & i love it . & super inexpensive
    thank you <3

  18. hey girl! love the outfit u look fab… can you PLEEEEASE tell me what makeup you used here?? or do a tut. on youtube!! i am in love w/ it seriously. kk <333

  19. Hi Sonia ! Sadly , your post makes my day ! Have a great one and keep up the good work .


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