It felt a lot like Christmas

Baby Pink is for Big Girls too…
Ive made more than one unnecessary trip to the mall and now they have a Cotton On at the one near me its more of a reason to be bad.
I didn’t make a haul for one of my newest pieces from my favorite store because I didn’t get enough stuff to inspire me to film, but this Blazer I have been dying to wear.
A lot of ppl say the jacket is as light as my white top, but in person its clearly a powder pink.

Blazer by Cotton On
White Cami and Dark Skinny Jeans by Fashion Q
Nude Suede Wedged Heels by BCBG
Jewlery by Forever21
Video Index:
Hair tutorial that seriously needs to be taken down and updated: CLICK
Outfit video: CLICK
Christmas Eve at the Castaneda Home
For as long as I can remember the day before Christmas was our family’s day to celebrate. The next few pix are of the kids opening their gifts.
Jude Isaac with my cousin Daniel.

I’m not alone, there are other bloggers…future bloggers in the family…meet my little cousin Autumn.

Little cake to sing happy birthday to Jesus.

Jude wanted to play, but I wanted one good shot with him. Look at those lips!

My sister Christina bought him this awesome Toy Story Rocking Chair.

Jude took a drink break and now its time for my god daughter…

If you haven’t seen Tangled in theaters you need to go soon because it was the sweetest movie Ive seen in a while. I was told it was the last Disney Princess movie too. I was a little upset because they didn’t have a Latina princess but its all good. One of the gifts I got her was the wig and movie tickets to go watch it again.

I had to help Jude open his gifts. He would just look at it expecting it to do something haha.

Her Nino brought this one over for her. Jesse pull string doll.
I got gift cards and those are cool cause I get to eat and watch a movie on someones dime, and shop too, but I like when someone gets me something that is totally me. This one is from my friend Crystal. I saw the movie BURLESQUE with her and we are both obsessed with painting our nails. Thanks girl!

I was sooo full by the time midnight hit. I was really tired, my hit the pillow and I was out like a light. I hope I dont see another tamale for at least a month haha.

Christmas Morning with The Cervantes Family
Jude is loved by all and his grandma and grandpa couldn’t wait to see little Jude on Christmas morning.

Grandpa helping him in his new car. He made fun of me because I put the wheels on backwards. Oops. Oh well. Its got…uh…personality lol.

Jude got a guitar among other things from his dad, hes going to be like his uncle Zack who is really good and self taught.

One of the things I was excited about was this book. I asked Jude’s grandma Alicia for it and she got it! I know that he is going to love it. Its one of those books that you record your voice reading the book.

I have to say, the holidays were good to me this year. I was blessed with the company of my family and we are all in good health for the most part. My father is currently in the hospital but with all of our prayers he will be as good as new before I know it.
Merry Christmas Everyone!
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Jazmin

    Jude is so cute, i think kids are the best part of christmas, i love when they get to open their presents, OMG the look on their eyes are so wonderful. they are adorable, don't u think?

  2. Material Girls

    You look Great! I love your hair and you blazer is cute! Jude is so precious..He's getting so big! =)

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics!
    Happy Holidays!

    xo T

  3. Makeup and Macaroons

    I really like that blazer, it's gorgeous and perfect for warmer weather. We have a cotton on here in Sydney but I don't think I've seen that blazer anyway… must stop by next time i'm at the shops.

    And sounds like you had a great Christmas!


  4. Alejandra

    Thanks for doing a post.It's always amusing seeing your family doing well.Hey how come your Mom nunca sale en las pictures?She's such a cute lady.Looking forward to future posts!!
    P.S. Your dad is going to be alright 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    So I was Xmas shopping w/my honey the other day @ Ontario Mills and low and behold what do I see??? Cotton On!! I said I have to go in there!! Lol! Lots of cute things but I had to remember I wasn't shopping for me! Lol!

  6. fiorella gisel

    hey sonia (: love everything you do on ur blog and youtube… im loving ur new hair cut and im tempted to do the same lol i was just wondering if you could do a video on how you stlye ur bangs right when you get out of the shower.. thanks again xoxo

  7. Maquillaje411

    Hi sonia could you plese tell me if the cotton on blazer you bought is the:
    Nanette Jacket
    Peach Champagne
    USD $29.90

    I went to the website and thats all i could find that looks similar to the onw you wear on your blog pic. Thank you for your time.

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