Mommy and Me Class

Mommy and Me
Like I have said before, I wanted to keep active and busy for my little Dunka so I decided to sign up for a Parenting class. Mommy and Me is what its typically called but I did see a few Daddies in the room. It was a nice and fun environment for parents to take their children to socialize with other small children. The first thing Jude saw when we walked in the door were all the toys!
This class kept you busy the whole way through. First on the agenda was: painting!
I wish I didn’t dress Jude in new clothes. I didn’t know what to expect. But he was having a blast so I didn’t mind.

His mouth is a little dirty because he wanted to taste the paint haha! Little dorky.
These look a little odd but they are the base of the turkey. You will see the finished product at the end of this post.
We set them out to dry, and after all that hard work it was SNACK TIME!
Jude was so cute. Some of these snacks we have at home so he was happy to see some familiar items. It was cute to see how big he really is now. He was trying to have a conversation with the little kid next to him. What he didn’t understand is that the little kid was trying to trade a goldfish for his juice…I don’t think so! lol.

After they got a little rest it was time for my parenting class. Jude was a little shy and glued to me for the first 5 mins on the playground. Then he let loose. This week’s lesson was about Responsibility. I learned ways to show and teach Jude about how to make good decisions even as a toddler. The learning and growing starts now.
While Jude was playing with his new friends, there was a little girl (the one seen in picture below) who had her eyes on him. She grabbed his face and gave him a huge kiss. Oh heck no lol. She opened the little car door and made room for herself next to Jude haha. I was trying to pay attention to my instructor but I couldn’t help but watch. Jude was like wth.

Near the end of class there was a show and tell. It was based on the letter “G” and all the little kids brought in stuff that started with that letter. It was so cute! There was Gum, Guy (man doll), Girl (barbie), Gecko, and the best of all a George Lopez movie. I cracked up, that was soooo cute.

To bring this 3 hour class to a close, after story time, the instructor turned up the music and it was time to dance! Jude was just running around bobbin his head to all the nursery rhymes.
Next week we are making “Friendship Soup” and taking holiday pictures! I am so happy we signed up. I am even thinking about signing up for an additional day a week. Jude took the best nap ever when we got home. I’m ready to join him! Until next time….
*Latina Kisses*
I almost forgot about this little guy. Jude’s first school project! We lost an eye so he is winking at you!


  1. Anonymous

    Have an awsome time there Sonia!
    And remebmer that there are people who will always support you while hard moments. Even if it's only mental support from far far away…
    Many hugs from Poland (Europe).
    Bye, Olga.

  2. Anonymous


    you sure need a #1 MOM AWARD!

    As a child development major i do believe it is highly important to not only teach your kids about what the real world is, but also as a parent one needs to learn what it is to be a child again.

    I am really proud that you are involve in your childs life you are a true inspiration and i truly admire you for it.

    with all my respect

  3. Maggie

    im so gladd you guys are taking these classes together. Jude can interacted with other children & he wont be soo shy when he starts school .
    i love your bangs<3

  4. siwing

    jude is super adorable!!! and i'm glad you guys had such a good time at class..

    LOL at the girl who gave him a kiss. that is so cute !!! puppy love!!

    btw, i love your bangs… =D

  5. MakeupByPeggyL

    you are a great momma! jude is blessed to have you 🙂 i love your new bangs!!! simply gorgeous!!!! i liked your side swept bangs too…can't decide which one i like more, they both suit you beautifully <3

  6. Yasmin

    Looks like you two had so much fun! I remember the first video I watched of yours was when Jude was in your belly and you were packing your hospital bag! I'm such a fan and you're an awesome beautiful mother! Be encouraged and keep up the good work! 🙂

  7. evaange

    Dude you look super skinny what a milf 😉 were there any dads checking you out? lol Jude is all grown up(so darn cute)! Looking at your pics makes me want to sign up, I would like to take some classes with my 2 year old. Your such a good mommy!
    Do you have a I would like to add you as a friend if you do.

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