Minx / Chrome Nails

Trend Alert: Minx Nails
I was dying to have my nails minxed but there are zero salons in my area that are skilled in that area. Boo! I went to walmart and picked up a “Chrome” nail polish pen by Sally Hansen and it was not shiny enough. The picture below is what minxing is suppose to look like and I had my heart set on something at least close to it. Then I found these bad boys (at Walmart)! The best part? They were only $5!

The picture to the top right is true to its shiny and design. I loved them. The only thing I would have changed is to make the box have enough nails to have 2 sets, one plain and the other zebra print.


Being a fan of glue on nails for a while now, I stopped in Sally Beauty Supply West Covina for some fall/winter nail polishes and bumped into a section full of minx inspired nails.

These metallic nails were the most different so of course I was instantly drawn to them.
The thing I hated about them was that they were the stick on nails. Quick fix: trash the stickers and reach for your handy dandy nail glue!

I loved the dimensions the nails had on them.

Here is my little set up. I had my Q-Tips to soak up any extra glue that came out from under the nails, my nail file and plenty of light.

They were far too long for my taste…

…I took care of that really quick. It doesn’t look like I took down much but I sure did.

I cut them down till they hit my skin. I hate long nails! Just not sanitary for Mommy’s, or at least not this mommy haha.

I wanted to show you all an up close picture of how perfect these nails sit on my natural nails. Almost like they were made for me haha.


So what do you think? Too much? Just right? Would you try them?
I like them, and they didn’t hurt my pocket. Only $4 at Sally’s!

*Latina Kisses*



  1. Niome

    I have an off the subject kind of question…A while back when I would come to your blog…music would automatically play…and then you had the option to visit the site or change songs…ect…my question is…how did you get that on the blog? I'd like to add music to my blog…but the options I have found are not as nice and discreet as the one you had on your blog. If you could help…I'd greatly appreciate it…Thank you!!

  2. Shopalot12

    So funny, what you said about unsanitary. I am the same way!! I keep my nails as short as possible and cannot rock the acrylics. It's kinda funny because I try to rock acrylics like once a year, and I always end up hating them. I think I finally learned my lesson this year tho, the last set I got popped of the 1st week! So anyway, I love your blog and youtube vids. I'm starting my own thing too, I have so much fun watching I want to get involved. Please check my blog out when you get a chance! Thankx!

  3. ssw08310

    Saw you on youtube when i was checking out makeup tutuorials and loved your tips! these nails are the bomb and i cannot wait to try them out. you are adorable and your son is too. thanks for making an awesome blog! love ya!

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Sonia.

    I just watched your Girl Talk video and wanted to tell you to NOT use toothpaste on pimples!! It broke me out so badly. My whole face was full of HUGE super red zits for two weeks.

    Anyways, I love reading your blog and watching your videos.

  5. Nicha Hahn

    Love the nails, I saw your tutorial on them also. I wanted to get these nails or something similar, but I live in Hawaii, so things are sort of limited. And we do have a sally beauty supply store here, but I was told you need a license to purchase anything. I was wondering if I might find something like this at a different store, or online?

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