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Home is where the heart is…
Today my good friend Brigitte came over to visit. We went to see the movie SAW 3D, it was the worst horror movie I have seen in a while. It was filled with bad acting, corny blood and guts, and the 3D was the best part….NOT! They made the most random things pop out, like people sitting in chairs lol.
We had KFC for lunch. Healthy choice I know, I know. It was so good though!
I think my lips are a little more kissable when they are red.
It was so cute!
Earlier he fell and busted his lip and was bleeding…mommy was there to kiss it all better.

He loves my glasses too!

I hope Jude is a doctor, lawyer, or teacher when he gets older. It was sooo hot today, I wanted to hangout outside in the backyard for a little bit.

The grass was a little wet but I didn’t care…it kind of felt good to get a little dirty for a change.

I thought Jude broke my glasses haha.
I was getting attacked by Dunka and Bella.

The sandals I was wearing are REACTION by Kenneth Cole black leather gladiator sandals. These babies are a couple of years old. Oldies but goodies.

These bracelets are adding up. I never take any of them off.
Starting from the top:
My white jade bracelet is by an awesome company called EightSeventeen
the wheel reminds me of the NAVY which will always be a soft spot in my heart.
“JUDE” for my son, this bracelet was made for me by one of Kris’ friends family member.
The colorful one was given to me by my mom. She got it at the L.A. County Fair.
The ugly looking black block used to be one of the spiritual catholic bracelets. I wore it when I gave birth to Jude and I never took it off.
The last one was from a subscriber of mine.
Ive been wearing less makeup lately. No energy and my face needed the break after all of the Halloween looks this past month.
Red lips are my favorite.

Seen in this post: ‘Geek’ Style glasses, shade 909D by Wet n Wild,
and ‘Mark my eyes’ eyeliner by L.A. Girl

I wanted to start including my beauty/fashion items in my everyday postings. I hope you like the little additions.
Have you seen the SAW 3D movie? Have you tried any of the Wet n Wild lipsticks? I love them and they are only $2 at drugstores!
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Katie

    my first lipstick ever was from wet n wild πŸ™‚ i looove that shade you're wearing, makes me want to go on a drugstore shopping spree! the cool thing about the wet n wild lipsticks is that if you end up not liking the shade it isn't too big a deal because it was so cheap.
    jude is such a beautiful little boy, he looks so much like you sonia

  2. Maggie

    love this postt .
    reminds me of my nephew Benny, he has the same shirt as Jude . & LOVES to give besitos πŸ™‚
    i love this simple yet very cute look.


  3. mmmaritess

    You and Jude have such an amazing mother and son bond that you can totally sense through your photos πŸ™‚ Love the red lips also. Btw, what camera do you use? I love the pictures mamas!

  4. Marcela

    Jude is so cute. I have 3 kids and I love being a mom. I also love that color of lipstick on you. It looks really nice. I have a few lipsticks from wet n wild but I think they are a but drying on my lips. Well I just started a blog and I hope you can check it out. smudgemyeyeliner.com

  5. xoxo Elizabeth Gomez

    I love all your pics girly. Your baby is adorable. I love geek style glasses. Ill wear them out and I dont care how weird I look. Whatever! lol.. Its all about unique personal style. N-E way thanks for sharing doll:)

  6. BeBaLiciOus

    love this post! you really keep me inspired to stay strong and move on in life. My boyfriend left me and is with another girl and I have decided to move on and not let it harm my life. Thank you!

  7. Mysweetface

    so cute..so that's what u did today..Jude is so adorable..makes me want to have a another. I love it when my Brandon gives me kisses too..;) GOD Bless you Both. P.S. Love the sandals

  8. Sandy4UPLZ

    Love that your are constantly doing blogs. I'm also a young mother and love my son, fashion and eating out so I love to find new places to go out of L.A for a change to eat with my family. Keep up with the excellent job you are doing Sonia. Xxoo

  9. Ana

    i saw saw 3d!! that sounds funny lol but yeah it wasnt that good πŸ™ and youre right 3d wasnt even anything exciting and it was completely gross lol i spent half of the movie looking away haha

  10. Anonymous

    Would you ever think of doing a tutorial on RED eyeshadow? I know not alot of people like the look, but personally red eyeshadow looks pretty cool.. I have just never figured out how to tone it down some for an everyday look.

    You look gorgeous!! Keep blogging, we love it!

  11. Andrea.

    Aww you seem like such a great mother. I love he look I need some glasses like that. Love your hair too! You look really skinny. U should to a video with tips.

  12. Ale

    i love love love your blog :]]
    you are such an inspiration to all women to be strong nd loving no matter what we are going through
    i love how a bright lip can make any outfit look more exciting
    nd keep rocking those mexican braclets :]]

  13. IzzyPop

    First of all, your son is adorable!!!!! Second,I was rooting for Green Bay but I truly loved your black and yellow tutorial. Thanks for your tutorials. Also, I really love the pink hat you're wearing on this post. Any place where I can get a similar one or what type of hat is it?

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