Happy Halloween!

Halloween Looks
Ex Girlfriend – No Doubt
I have been a fan of No Doubt for ages now, since middle school, and I have always admired the makeup she wore in their “Ex Girlfriend” video. I went all out and even sprayed my hair Pink!
CLICK HERE for the tutorial
I have been accused up and down and all around about having some plastic surgery done. I will set the record straight…I have had nothing altered or added. I couldn’t afforded it even if I wanted it ahaha!
CLICK HERE for the tutorial
Day of the Dead / Sugar Skull
I have been a fan of this traditional Mexican Art since I was younger. It was very time consuming and something I wouldn’t do to myself again if I can help it. It did make for a cool picture.
CLICK HERE for the tutorial
Little Red Riding Hood.
I was so happy to hear that Kim Kardashian was this same character for Halloween this year. She had all of her business hanging out…so this is the mommy version lol. I did not film a tutorial for this look.

Jude loved chasing me around the backyard in this costume. Look at that face! Hes starting to look more like his daddy each day.
This look I did a year ago and it came out amazing, the quality was not as clear as it would be today due to the type of camera I had. I decided to redo it, but I was too busy to post the video. Maybe next year? lol. This wig was ridiculous!
Zombie / Dead Girl
One of my favorites. I even bought some black out contacts to add a creepy effect. I think they were a waste of money, everyone who saw it didn’t even notice!
CLICK HERE for the tutorial
Lady Gaga
I was only a fan of her music, but I have grown to love her more and more as I watch interviews. Shes so sweet and different. I used my barbie wig and made a little hair bow inspired by *annoying voice* Gaga. I used my moms head to work on the wig haha. I don’t remember the company that sent me these glasses. Oops!

Jude didn’t get it haha.
My official costume was this Air Force / Top Gun character. It was a size small and I couldnt zip it up all the way…amen for my long hair. Plus Halloween is that one day women are free to dress sexy…don’t hate lol. I love the boots that I am wearing…they are from MakemeChic
I didn’t have anyone to take pictures of my outfit so I had to get down to fit in the shot lol.
After we hit up the Universal Hilton for a quick hello…we hit up THE STANDARD roof top.

Carly went as a sexy school teacher.

I had a huge glass of…COKE haha. I was in need of some soda. I have been trying to watch my sugar intake, I was out so I treated myself to some of my favorite soda.
Trick or Treat, Smell Dunka’s Feet!
Halloween was finally here. I was so excited to take my little monkey, that’s what his costume was, trick or treating for the first time. Before the whole gang set out, Grandpa and Grandma came by to wish Jude a Happy Halloween!
Jude looks so much like Kris’ younger brother Zack in this picture.

Grandpa helped me get Jude dressed.
His face was a little dirty from feeding him dinner too.

From right to left: Mikey, Denise, Tommy Lee, and Emily
Center: Dunka
All we were missing for the cousin bunch was Joey, my brother’s older son, and Noah who is Kris’ only nephew.
Time to get mommy…I mean…Judy some candies! I don’t know what made me take this huge leather trash bag looking bag with me. I didn’t need it. My cell phone and camera were inside the pumpkin.
Jude couldn’t wait to get home to have a taste of his candy. He loves lollipops!

Jude is still working on mastering his walking so I took him around the neighborhood in his little push car. It worked out perfect!
One of my favorite parts of Halloween is seeing all the pumpkin carvings.

There is my sister and her son Mikey. Jude was being silly for the camera.

Cleopatra aka Denise helped me push Jude while I played photographer…boarder line paparazzi.

For those of you who asked me on Facebook, my sweater is from…of course FOREVER21.

Jude and his tio (uncle) Ray. My brother likes taking pictures like the rest of our family and was trying to snap a quick photo with Dunk.

These kids came up on buckets of candy! Here is Tommy Lee sharing like a good cousin. While I took this picture I was like “NOOO NOT THAT KIND” he is still learning to chew and I don’t want my honey to choke!

We had a great time as one big group. I love my family. The only person that was missing was Kris. He was with us in spirit.
How was your Halloween? How did you spend it?
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anonymous

    Why wasn't Kris there??? πŸ™ Are you guys going to be okay… You looked fabulous. Please don't lose anymore weight, you look amazing.

  2. Anonymous

    You guys are whack. no her ex bf didnt die, he just wasnt there lol.
    jude looks adorable, my niece the same age went as a chicken hahah.

  3. Rosie

    Kris did not die, at this time, they are separated. Also, her weight is not anyone's business and her increase in confidence is a good thing. She's happy & a gorgeous mommy. Sonia, your boots are cute but on the model's leg on the website they look wide. I have skinny legs,like you. Are they wide on your calves?

  4. sccastaneda

    Thank you to those of you who didnt look into my every word. I didnt say I was “skinny” in this post…Kris is fine. He didnt die. He just couldnt make it but I did want him to be there. My boots fit me well with or without jeans. I love them! They are the perfect boot for fall. I was born without calf meat on my legs and they dont swim in the boots, the model on the site must have been “Skinny”. For the person who is worried about me getting a big head because of my weight loss…the only thing Im happy about is fitting into old jeans lol.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. msStephaniexo

    Hi Sonia, looks like you guys had a great halloween. Jude's such a cute little monkey! Im really proud of you for stepping up through all your troubles, and showing what a real woman looks like. You look great, and don't let others tell you, you are too skinny, as long as you are happy with you, thats all that matters. Keep your head held high girl your doing great!

  6. Trolly9Oli

    dunno why someone said your sound cocky; you sound happy!
    dont listen to them, anyway jude looked cute as a buttom and happy πŸ™‚

    you look really great, body is perfect! lol
    & your halloween looks were the bomB!

  7. Anonymous

    Hahahahaha hay Sonia you sure gave some readers their Halloween scare. Anyhow, omg I love you! Lol you look amazing for a mother. I am not a mommy BUT if one day I do become one hopefully I am as great or more like you. I truly admire you. About having toooo much confidence that's stupid what's so wrong with loving yourself? Ummm…NOTHING!! Finally, just keep the blogs coming and pics love your blog.
    Laters amiguis..

  8. Kaitlyn

    wow, people really have no reservation about being rude and saying inappropriate things. anyway, i think you look great! i loved the no doubt look, as well as the last one.. gorgeous! and your son looked adorable for halloween.. kids make halloween so fun!

  9. Kathy

    Hi! I'm in law school and I just have to ask- did you have permission to post that womans picture on here? (the one passing out candy)

  10. maggie

    i loved all the halloween looks ! thank you for taking time out of your busy life too post all these looks. i really liked your top gun costume, so sexxy! πŸ™‚
    definitely looks like you, Jude & the rest of the family had a lot of fun trick or treating <3

  11. LaDonna

    Thanks for sharing with us! Always love seeing how adorable Jude is, how much he is growing, and how great of a mommy you are.

    I'm glad you are all doing well and you have an amazing family who is there for you. You go girl!!

  12. Alice

    I was wondering the same thing Kathy. I'm not in law school but that always crosses my mind (when bloggers post pictures of people they don't know). What kind of trouble can a blogger get into for doing that?

  13. ana

    Hola! can u make a tutorial on you air force make up I love it!! How much do you weight now? U look great! don't lose anymore you look perfect at this weight. I love your tutorials. Ur son is soooo cute. I have a two year old son and I dressed him up as buzz and I was Jessie lol

  14. Lui

    Luv ur look as little red riding hood,can u tells us which listick are u wearing ,i've been looking for that shade of red for a long time.
    Thanks :))

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