Homemade Yammys

Yummy Yammys
We are fresh from the Fair and the one thing we could not get out of our heads were the Yammys. If you read my last post you know that they are french fries using Sweet Potatoes and Jude loves them!
First you need to start with fresh Sweet Potatoes, and cut them as thick or as thin as you would like them. I like them a little thin because they are perfect for Dunka to enjoy.
We paired them with some burgers. Not that we didn’t eat enough fat at the Fair, but if you are going to eat fries…its only fair to hook’em up with a burger.

We wanted to make these bad boys a little less heart-attackish so we fried them in Olive Oil.

From the look on Jude’s face…I’m guessing he liked them, then he quickly stuffed his face.

Dinner is served! Just looking at this picture makes me want to unbutton my pants. The buns were wheat buns, trying to trick our minds into thinking it wasn’t THAT bad.

Food is definitely something I love. I have a lot of fun cooking with people that I love and enjoy being around. Cooking is a learning experience, I might make something really nasty…but I take notes and I know what to do differently the next time. I am not afraid to fail, because I know I will try and try again.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. siwing

    i've never had sweet potato fries before.. but i should try ~~ i lovee french fries !!

    you should post more food and yummy recipes !! i've been meaning to try the eggplant one !!

  2. Quyen

    The food looks delicious but just so you know it's better to fry with canola oil because olive becomes a toxin when you cook it pass a certain temperature. You can look it up.

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