Grandma and Grandpa came to visit

Grandma and Grandpa Came to visit
Jude was so happy to see some familiar faces. Its been too long since Jude spent time with his grandparents. They even brought over the wagon they bought him for his 1st birthday!

While on a stroll around the neighborhood, Jude was at the right place at the right time…there was an ice cream man on duty. Jude loves push pops that quickly melted all over his whole body. I know my hunny is a little on the chunky side but I love him this way. He’s perfect!
I didn’t get my camera out before he removed his first shirt, but after a quick change he was enjoying chilled lemon-lime water. The weather here in California has been really weird, but God was on our side today and it was a nice and bright.

There is something about his Papa that brings them together like magnets.
Jude is so lovable!

There is a huge tree out in the front yard that provided tons of shade, so we pulled out some chairs and shared a few laughs. I don’t know if it was all the excitement, but shortly after his grandparents left, Jude was out like a light. I am starting the weening processes and its been pretty tough. I have yet to read anything online that worked. I don’t want to shock Jude and take it away completely, but I think its time for that change in his life.
I enjoy breastfeeding my son because its a bonding experience, but it is necessary during these new transitions that we are going through.
Have you had to ween a child from breastfeeding? Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with me or other women in the same situation?
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  1. Anonymous

    Aww is it Kris parents?? He is getting big very cute. I really hope u and kris work things out u guys made a beautiful family.
    Xo… the eternal optimistic

  2. HollyElise

    Aww, Jude is so cute! He completely reminds me of my younger brother Judah at the same age. And Judah was also a solid little gaffer then, and is now a lean muscle-y 6-year-old!

  3. Valerie

    dear sonia.
    my question might sound a lil bit weird but im 5 month pregnant now and im goin thru a conflict with myself..i acutally wanna do breastfeeding too but im so scared that im going to have floppy breasts afterwars…(it might sound selfish but i wanna still feel comfy after my pregnancy)ppl told me its very likely that it happeneds to me cause i have big breasts. i dont know if its true and i would like to know your would help me so much.
    if you feel like sharin your experience just email me:
    thank you soooooo much,
    xox valerie

    check out my pregnancy blog if u want to 🙂

  4. Melissa

    I know what you mean about the weaning. I'm not sure how often he nurses but maybe start cutting it by a feeding every two days or so, not cold turkey. We started getting rid of the naptime feedings, then the middle of the night ones ( he would occassionaly wake up evey once in awhile and demand the boobies lol) and then we got rid of the before bedtime one. I feel like not only was it easier on him but also on me. Good luck with the weaning!

    ps. my kid is a big chunky monkey too! No shame in that!

  5. SarahR

    I would definitely try cutting down on the breastfeeding as much as possible. With my girls I put them on the bottle to wean them off the breast and then eventually weaned them from that. My son however was 2 before I weaned him. He was my last baby….what can I say!!? Anyhow, with him I put band-aids on both my boobs and told him that I had ouchies. He would pat them and snuggle me and fall asleep. Good luck!

  6. pinkcorazon85

    i just want to bow down to you and give you a round of applause for breastfeeding this long! you are such an inspiration. ive been doing it for about 3 months and dont think i can make it another 2.grandparents are the best!

  7. anatrutina

    hi sonia, good luck with weening – luckily mine went a lot easier than i ever thought, i dreaded weaning my son i felt so horrible – but what i did was i completely cut down all the day feedings to like none, then worked on the night ones (which were harder) – some nights he would cry … but it would be long before he'd conked out

    just be persistent & youll do great!

  8. Anonymous

    well hunni…i can help you with the weaning….this is what worked for me… after 10 YES 10 tries something finally worked… i had an appointment at the obgyn so i took my daughter with me.. she saw that the doc was taking me in .. so i told her that he would take mommy;s milk away… that same night we got home…she asked for it i said i didnt have any cuz the doc took em away… she whent to bed cried for about 5 mins fell asleep n for the first time in 26 months she slept the whole night !!!!!!!!!! AMEN for that… now its been 4 months and she still asks for it but only as play :))) so good luck mama…

  9. Linda

    If you're planning on giving him regular milk I would suggest you add some nestle nesquik in either chocolate or strawberry. So it won't be too dramatic of a change for him and he'll still get that sweet taste from milk like in breast milk.

  10. Dacquarie

    try using horchata… i did that with my son when i stoped breast feeding him…not alot but he loved it and didnt want to breast feed so much anymore…

  11. katsue

    here in Poland we have this TV program, where to rude children comes Supernanny, and one day she visited family where 3 years old child was still breastfed. So the Supernanny recommended to do this “stop breast-feeding situation” like big day for child, and make small party for example: “bye breast, welcome bottle”, and buy him nice bottle which he would love 🙂

  12. Andrea.

    My sister breast fed all her babies and it was hard to get her daughter off I suggest the earlier the better, you will have to stick to it no matter how bad your son cries. She just had a baby 3months ago and she said she wont make the same mistake.

  13. Anonymous

    Hey! Love the pictures of your cute son! I am pregnant with my first and I'm excited but I'm wondering how I'm going to keep up with my make up and hair after I have him or her. Could you do a fast make up tutorial for busy moms?

  14. aliciav63

    Dear Sonia, I love your site…about the weaning I have 4 children ages 16,13,12,10 and i breastfed all of them, now weaning can be very difficult for the child. I would first ask why wean now? are you feeling that he is ready? or are you doing it because you have been told its time? The best indicator is your own baby..they wean themselves if you give the process time to complete…meaning that he himself will lose interest little by little..believe me it does happen. I am a RN and have had plenty of experience in that area. Now if you feel that you need to wean now, then taper his feedings by eliminating one at a tim for a week then the following week eliminate 2 feedings and so on…till there are no more feedings, the idea is not to cause any kind of attachment and security issues with the baby, you see his feedings up to now aren't just about getting fed they are also a source of comfort to him and that will need to be replaced with something else to ease the transition, like a blankie or something else he finds comforting…sorry for the long post..but thought i could aliciav63

  15. Anonymous

    Your little Jude is a chunker, but mine was too at his very age, and he too was breastfed, I only nursed 1 out of my 3 children, the last one, but what I did with him was started cutting down, but what I didn't want to leave out was the nursing at bedtime, that was like a special bonding. Due to Mastatitis *very painful at one breast*. . I had to stop nursing immediately *by this time he was 15 months, so I was glad then I had started weaning, slowly.
    And, whatever you do decide, I strongly suggest DO NOT GIVE HIM A BOTTLE after having nursed his whole first year. Good Luck:)

  16. Jessica

    Wow, reading all these comments has helped me learn something. I have a 2 month old right now who i'm breastfeeding and I have weaning concerns already! I bottle fed my first son breastmilk so there was not problem with him, but with this son, I decided to breastfeed. He takes the breast and bottle since birth, so I think that in itself could help a little. I just know one thing for sure, it's not going to be easy and you just have to stick to your guns! Good luck and PLEASE post about what worked for you, I need all the help I can get.

  17. BottledBeauty

    Hi there! I love your blog. I breastfed my daughter until she stopped at 14 months. I started weaning her around 12 months. It was so hard to give up those snuggly, night time feedings! So, I let her nurse only at night time until she just stopped on her own. Then she would comfort herself by resting her hand on my chest until she would fall asleep. Good Luck, it's not easy!

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