Fix up your over waxed eyebrows in seconds

Earlier this week I looked into the mirror and scared myself. I was a hairy beast and my eyebrows, face lions, like Miley…needed to be tamed. I was waxing it up and when I was “done” I was measuring and noticed I waxed too much. Now you would think a simple quick fix would be to just make the other caterpillar thinner, but if I made it bad I didn’t want to make it worse. I was looking up tips and tricks on YouTube and ran into a few videos using “Spiked” Eye Brow Crayon by MAC Cosmetics. As soon as I got home I could not wait to check it out.

My first impression of the product was : I might be too buff for this pencil. Its super thin and when I twisted the liner/crayon out I was worried it was going to be too dark and harsh and I would look like I joined a local gang in just an hour’s time.

I have a lot of girl friends who draw in their eyebrows everyday and I saw how much work it was. Luckily this pencil took much effort to make a thick dark line. I made one line and it was pretty light, then I doubled up on the next line using a slightly heavier hand.

Over all I really like this product and would recommend you all to try something different. I usually just fill in my eyebrows with powder eyeshadow. Matte is the best and the only type you should use. No one was born with glitter in their brows. Ive had jet black hair and even then I would just a dark brown color. Its a lot softer on the face than crazy black sharpie looking black eyeliners.

Shades that I often use are “Espresso” by MAC, “Perfect ‘B'” and “Burnt” by Pandora’s Makeup Box. I use only angled brushes and if you are using anything else…god bless you. I like to clean around my brows with “Boi-ing” by Benefit instead of white shadows and or pencils. Who really goes around town with brows that crazy? Lets keep it as close to natural as possible ladies.

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  1. Chezelle and Spectra

    i know you love boiing concealer so much and you've inspired me to try it. Ive been using benefit erase paste and it works wonders but its kinda sticky so i only use it under my eyes. but i wanna try boiing so i hope it works well and thanks for the tips! love your blog and videos!
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