First time buyer LUSH review

Hey Dolls,
Yesterday I had a chance to try a bath bomb from LUSH for the first time. Jude was eating a teething cookie and got it everywhere! I figured this was the best time to use one of the baby face bath bombs.

The one I am blogging about, Ickle Baby Blue Angel, is currently sold out! Bummer. An alternative would be the Ickle Baby Pink Devil bath bomb ( ). I am completely sold on this product. My first impression was that it was so small (compared to other bath bombs in the store) that it was not really gonna change the bath water. WRONG. The little baby face instantly fizzes up and the water turned a milky purple/blue color. Jude was so intrigued by all off the action in the water. He was so calm and relaxed.

The water was smooth and creamy and it felt like there was lotion in his bath water. I am not a fan of lavender, but it was so light that I loved the sent. The next time I see a LUSH I know I will pick up a bag of these bath bombs for Jude. They are about $3 a piece so they would have to be a once in a while” bath treat. Along with the pictures that I took, for those of you that have not seen my LUSH haul video…enjoy. I hope you all have a fun and fabulous weekend! -Sonia


  1. Anonymous

    Hey from Hawai'i! just started reading your blogs and found that your entry about your camera breaking. I have a solution that just might bring back most if not all your pictures. I took a ton of pictures and videos of my baby sister and for some reason the memory card stopped working. Next thing I know all the pictures are gone. So I searched and searched if there was any way I could get them back. Google freeware and a couple websites offering softwares for free should pop up. Only download from well known sites (I prefer brothersoft, tucked and snapfiles). Anyway, search for file retriever, undelete programs, and others like it. I am not exactly sure what keywords I typed in so just search for programs like file retrieval programs. Once you do an initial search of these programs there should be a link to similar programs. I tried a couple freewares (free softwares) because some recovered files that others could not. I got back most of my lost pictures. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry to comment about this on your lush post, but I recently tried to purchase the ti titanium straightener using your code: pinkstyle. refused to sell me the straightener telling me my credit card was fraudalaunt. I live in Australia and purchase items from all over the world and have NEVER had a problem. If Beauty choice don't want to sell the product at a discount, then they shouldn't offer a promo. I'd be interested to see if anyone else has had this problem.
    Your baby boy is gorgeous by the way and I have become an avid fan of your videos.

  3. FizzyPOP

    heyy i never tought of doing this with my son! i will try it also i just started following i didnt know you had a blog..well if you have a minute check me out id love some feedback!! or youtube/Hellofizzy

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