A holy gift from a subscriber

I got a message from a subscriber of mine named Mayra (http://www.youtube.com/lindoculiacan) asking if I received the package she sent me. I usually only check my PO BOX when I am expecting something and when some tells me they sent me something πŸ™‚
I jumped in my car and rushed over to the post office as though I had a pot of gold waiting for me. To my surprise, I got just that. To me, religious items of the Catholic Church are not only spiritual…they are a piece of my heritage. I am proud to be Latina, Mexican American, despite the random post out there in hater nation. As a child I wasn’t able to speak Spanish because my father did not understand it and he thought we might be talking badly of him. He left when I was 3 years old so that was for nothing. So I lost my accent and sound like a ‘gringo’ now. I shy away from speaking my native tongue because I do not want anyone to be offended and think I am disrespecting my culture, my people. I need to get that silliness out of my head and handle it! When I was in High School I wanted to represent Mexicanos by becoming a Mexican American Activist. I’m sadden by my obvious turn of events and was unsuccessful. Needless to say I am a proud Mexican and I am not afraid to show it!
Okay, okay…back to the topic at hand. This is what came in the package: bracelet, necklace and charm. Also a letter but I felt that was more personal and only for my brown eyes to see.

I’m sure you have all seen these busted bracelets on my wrists in a lot of my videos. I never take them off. I wish I took value to pieces that go with a lot more outfits but I still love these all the same. Starting from the top, I made that one (was purple and pink) when I was in Virginia alone for a month while Kris was deployed. I made him one too and we both wore them always. The second one was made at a swapmeet for $3 and Kris had one already so I wanted one too! The third is the new one, and the last is suppose to look like the one above it. It looks so nasty now. It was nice when I first got it. I was wearing it when I gave birth to Jude and it was blessed by a priest. I must have cleaned like Cinderella these past couple of years because all of the saints fell off and my skin is as dry as an alligator’s lol. eww.
This next item is a girly spin on religious patches that hang on small pieces of thread. This one reads Virgencita x fis protejeme translates to “Virgin (Virgin Mary) protect me”

Virgencita x fis que no mo odien x ser bonita translates to “…don’t let them hate me because I’m pretty” hehe. I am wearing this necklace as I type. I thought it was cute.

I need to get a thin chain so I can wear this one also.

Angelito no me desampares aunque llegue trade a mi casa translates ” Angel don’t forsake me even when I am late coming home” this is super sweet for a young girl to wear. I love the messages.

I am very blessed to have each and one of my subscribers and am totally grateful for everything that has come to my life because of you all!
Gracias por amarme gorda o flaca.
Gracias con todo mi corazon!


  1. Anonymous

    I love the one that says Jude. I have a bunch of them some of them say my name n I have a few that say Mexico. I wear them all the time. They r from Mexico.

  2. Cari

    That's cute. I feel so proud of my peeps. Even more to know that they Are successful in what they do like you and dulcecandy. Keep doing what u do. Haters you'll find everywhere the greater the audience the more heaters your going to have. Haters make you!

    Love cari

  3. Anonymous

    You call yourself Catholic? The word hypocrite springs to mind. Don't you know it frowns upon unmarried mothers and those who live in sin? Why arent you married – or are you scared of commitment?? Makes me wonder how you were raised and what values your parents gave you? Now that Dulcecandy is in the same boat – knocked up and unmarried – its like a “slut” epidemic!

  4. Anonymous

    WHAT IS IT TO YOU IF THEY ARE UNMARRIED OR NOT AND WITH KIDS OR NOT? They probably just laugh at your ignorant unwanted foolish and childish comment you leave. You don't know about their lives,and you're certianly not a part of it,so worry about your own. You only know them as Gurus and bloggers,not as who they really are. So stop babbling and posting hatred comments like those. It's quite pathetic.

  5. Antonia

    first of all..what a coward for posting as anonymous…last I check mother mary was pregnant and unmarried…so maybe you ms. “anonymous” needs to learn some respect…if you really are some true catholic you're the hypocrite…doesn't the bible say “love thy neighbor”.

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