Todays Nail Color

I think I am obsessed with my nails. I don’t like seeing girls with chipped nails. Its always best to carry a bottle of clear nail polish and some nail polish remover wipes. I just think it looks really messy. I remember a while back it was “in” to have chipped nail polish and all the celebs were requesting it from the salons. I was like wth. The weather is warming up so I decided to ditch the purple and go with a bright blue. “Beach Blue” by Santee is the color I chose and I purchased it for $2 on That website also carries a few items that I have used in some of my videos so check it out. Along with my blue polish I used a base coat and a top coat that I bought from Sally Beauty Supply in West Covina, Ca. There is a top coat that I would pay any amount for (retail $7.99) and dries fast with a high gloss finish. Seche Vite” Dry Fast Top Coat, its the same top coat my salon uses so I had to get some! Oh and I cant leave out the sparkle…Its from Wet n Wild in “Kaleidoscope”. Love it! So if you don’t already have these items, what are you waiting for?? lol. Well I better go. Please leave me a comment if you know of any must have this summer in nail care…



  1. Kate Gene

    I can't stand having chipped polish! And I won't wear sandals or flip flops unless my nails/feet are in tip top shape! I never thought about carrying around a bottle of remover and nail polish. With my luck, it'd end up spilling all over the inside of my purse! (Our ottoman has topcoat on it now, courtesy of moi. LOL!)

    Love your blog and YT channel!


    Kate Gene

  2. Christine

    Hey dear, you're pregnant so I think you should refrain from wearing nail polish because when you paint your nails you'll be breathing in fumes from them and I don't think it's good for your baby! Just concern xx

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