Random little Haul and Daily Event

Kris, Beast and myself went swimming yesterday. Beast is a Prince and the water was too cold so he spent his time floating around. He was so cute. It was blistering hot out. I can never get used to the heat. I think it hit over 100. Ugg. After playing like little kids in the pool I went upstairs to take a nap. I was so tired. Little did I know I was gonna wake up covered in sweat. I wanted to die. Kris was just staring at me like I was a beached whale lol. Before our water adventure we went to Walmart. I got a bottle of Neutrogena ‘Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock’ SPF70. I desperately needed sunblock for my face. I hope you all are not putting regular sunblock on your face…you will break out! I also got a new nail polish ‘Climax’ 60 Seconds by Rimmel London. Its a really fun and funky purple. I love it. Kris said it reminded him of Easter lol. I also picked up Physicians Formula ‘Bronze Booster’ in Light to Medium. Its a pressed powder that is easy to build up to the darkness that you like, and has glow activators. I tried it on and it looked like a natural tan. I will be post a video soon showing you a demo. I better get going my sister Christina is expecting me soon to do another video with her. I hope she doesn’t move too much during this next video lol. Love you all! Xoxoxo


  1. tiffany

    ahhh i love beast..im getting a chihuahua after years of wanting one yay..do you find that chis in general are happy to go with you in their bag or are they fidgets? xx

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