First Blog Post

I’m not sure how this all really works…but I guess I should give it a try. Kris and I just got back from camping out in Johnson Valley. It was out of a scary movie when night came. You couldn’t see much around you, but when you looked up it was like seeing heaven. We went with good friends Jennette and Bill, along with Kris’ parents. It was a long drive and of course I had to get car sick! After I re lieved myself…and it wasn’t pretty, I was ready to ride! Who said pregnant girls can’t have fun?? It was a nice weekend out in the sun. We just got back and my face is burnt! Bummer. The redness is going to be around for a while. Its late right now and its still feels hot as heck outside. Its going to be an interesting night. I hate it when its hot at night!

YouTube has been good to me in the sense I got to meet so many cool people. I feel like the number of subscribers I have, is the number of new friends Ive made. When I posted my “Thank You” video I received so many messages from woman as far as Ireland thanking me for my kind words and glad to have someone to relate to on YouTube when it comes to the military life. Its hard but in the end its all worth it. I hope I get more messages from military wives, girlfriends, family, and service woman. It warms my heart 🙂

I think I will be blogging about anything and everything on here. I hope this goes well and is not too boring for you all. I will post my Hauls here so I don’t have to make a 2 minuet video on a few items. Thanks so much to all my subbies and new friends for all of your support. I cant wait to go home and see Beast. Good night!


  1. Miss C i n d i a *

    Omg I didn't know you were expecting! : ) I became a follower of yours on youtube because of your pregnancy blogs, I loved how fashionable you were during that time of your life. Really inspiring. You look great btw, and welcome to blogspot! : I will follow you on here as well : haha the net makes us all little stalkers.

  2. Anonymous

    My husband is deployed, so I'm bored as heck. I didn't know your man was in the military too! Anyway, watching your youtube videos has helped pass time! I'll be reading your blog now too.

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