My Mom is in my new video :)

Don’t lie…my mom looks hot! Haha. I think she looks darn good for being over 50 years old. She likes her hair a little bigger and curly using big plastic rollers. I think straight sleek hair makes her look more youthful. Every chance she gets she has me make her over. Its usually really dramatic with false lashes, but shes just going to a casual dinner tonight so nothing too dramatic. As you can tell in the video featuring her, all of us are pretty outgoing because of her. In the video I am using quite a few products but the ones that stood out enough from me to mention are two of her own items in her makeup collection. Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish Loose Powder in Medium 2 #04 was the perfect color and went on nicely without making her skin look dry. Also Sheer Cover’s Duo Concealer in Medium/Tan, this was almost as good as my all time favorite Boi-ing by Benifit…almost. It was a little creamier than I am used to but it gave amazing coverage to my mothers dark circles and age spots. I highly recommend these products to the mature ladies looking for a good face makeup and concealer. The video will be up soon so please go check it out. Have a great day!


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