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Hey girl!

So last night I tried self tanning for the first time, in YEARS, and this is how it went. I, like most sane people, were terrified of becoming a human size carrot. I keep receiving pop up ads for Bondi Sands Australian tanner of all of my social media sites, and a few of my favorite influencers have even been sponsored by them! I was like ok, ok, lets do it! Here is my YouTube video to see the process and my reaction.

Bondi Sands Aero Ultra Dark
Tumbnail from my Video on Youtube

I am going on a trip to Tulum, Mexico for Spring Break with one of my best friends next month and I thought I would get a head start on my tan! It sounds silly to tan before you tan, but its a thing – trust me!

First off, let me take a moment to embarrass myself with some old photos of me probably taken on my blackberry (Im that old now)!

Enter a captioI was pregnant with Jude in this one. Hey, pregnant women like tans too! 
I was out with my family celebrating my birthday, thats my twin sister Christina behind me! We were turning 25!! Those highlights!! Ahhhh! That was 10 years ago folks!

Ok now onto my tan and the product!

I received the latest Bondi Sands Australian Tan product called Aero in Ultra Dark. Just a heads up it comes in a lighter version if Ultra Dark a bit shocking. It a foaming product that dispenses out on to hand, or mitt for better application. The first swipe made my heart race because it sure was dark!!! I knew there was no turning back so I continued!




  1. You can clearly see where you have applied
  2. Blending was easy, you just need to rub it in with your mitt
  3. It smells tropical, like most products promoting sun exposure…or pretending you were in the sun haha.
  4. $30 (1) bottle & (1) mitt can give you 3+ tans vs $60+ for a professional tan.
  5. I get to stay at home! woot woot! You can do this after you put the kids to bed.
  6. Natural color!


  1. Its only available at select stores like Walgreens and Target. You can purchase online through their site, and Ive seen select products off of Amazon as well.
  2. Its takes a while to dry. I have heard of people sleeping with this product on. If you sweat even a drop its going to be a brown disaster! I washed the dishes and it almost fainted at the thought of all the streaks staining like that.
  3. If you are impatient…you will not see dramatic results until 12-24 hours later. It needs time to develop – but this isn’t really a con. Its a common thing in the process!

Overall, I am obsessed. Like in my video, I knew my friends would love it and want to try it. My friend Carly came over the same night so I could tan her. She is fairer than I am and her tan looked just as natural! I can’t wait to try it again! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the process, if you tried it, or just to say hi!

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