Im back! (again)



Its been a while since I last visited this site! This morning I had a life shaking moment while reading a devotional with my son Jude. The passage was from the book of Job, it covered his life and how he stood faithful under such hard circumstances. It made me reel in my complaints, as I sat there so grateful to be in company of my healthy beautiful 10 year old boy. I was under the roof of on time rent, in a bright room filled with light from the electricity running to my apartment. The aroma of his breakfast filled the room. WOW! I was distracted by my short comings only to check myself. I have been going through a lot emotionally and financially that I am planning to share with you all soon, just need to do it in a way that can be helpful and motivating! Just know that if you are falling on hard times, whatever it is, you are not alone!

Consistency is key, but passion is the motivation. Do you have a plan and know what to do to get out of the rut you are in? I do. I have had the plan for years! I cried about it in therapy just yesterday! My therapist said “Do it”. AHH!! She might as well have said “Jump off a bridge”. That seems more attainable sometimes.  I feel like my YouTube channel content really shows the work I have done emotional, and spiritually. I am having fun again! FINALLY! I kept saying I was going to get back to blogging out of pure desperation to monetize, and to vent. Its been months – and today is the day – only because my passion for sharing was sparked. I am not professional, duh, but I love communicating with others and sharing my thoughts and feelings as they come to my head.

My YouTube channel is my house, my Instagram feed is my photo album, and my Blog is my diary. 

I hope you will join me back here for more! And as before, and forever more…

*Latina Kisses*

Sonia Castaneda

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