Products of the Night : Sugar and Glitter

Shower in luxury!
When I have a moment to myself, I like to bust out the expensive…to me…products That I use only occasionally. I love to pamper myself when I can, and tonight was one of those nights.  I have been raving about the LUSH Snow Fairy shower gel for body and hair…yes hair! It smells like Candyland should. FRESH’s Brown Sugar Body Polish is one of those products that you tell all your girl friends about haha. I love the smell texture…and the way my skin feels after I use it. 
 Now if you like the sweet candy scents, this is a must try. I cried about it over twitter, and harassed all of my blogger friends when I realized I left it behind at the hotel I was staying at. My first shower with it was so amazing that I jumped online and rushed a replacement bottle to me asap! If you look at the pink soap…you can see that there is a fine glitter/shimmer in it! It does not leave your skin or hair sparkly, so no worries. I think it was just a packaging thing. Depending on the size of bottle it can be $ $10-26 USD
 I mentioned this scrub in a favorites video a few months ago. When I purchased it, there were no prices listed anywhere that I could see…so I had no clue how much it was. I figured it could not be too bad because it was just body scrub, right? WRONG! Its $65 USD and I almost died! I was too proud to say “uh yea…no, put that back” lol so I paid for it and went on my broke ass way haha. I really do love it and as you can see in the picture its almost gone. So if you are a baller, handle it. If  you want an more affordable alternative check out these scrubs.
 My next favorite Holiday is Christmas. I am so excited I am already planning my gifts for family and friends, and my giveaways for all of my loyal and new subscribers. Back to my blog post…I was at Target today and ran into Glade’s holiday scented candles, I am burning “Peppermint Crush”.
 Before bed I try to get in a few pages of reading. Its my way of winding down my mind. I have finished a few books this way, slowly. When I dont have Jude is when I get most of my reading in. 
 Thanks to many of my followers suggestions I am currently readying “A stolen life” and on deck is “Lullabies for little criminals”.
 Finally after a good soak and scrub, I keep my pedicure going strong thru the night with these warm socky slippers. I got two pairs for under $5 USD at walmart. 
 What are your favorite ways to wind down before bed? Any products that you use sparingly because they are over priced? You are not a lone sisters! 
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Miss Teacher

    Mine are my bath and body works bubble set. I can't remember what their called (its specifically for whirlpool baths) but my husband got them for me one Christmas and I still have them. Since I don't get to bath much in my jacuzzi, I only use them when I treat myself to some wine in the tub. And since tonight I am kid free, I think I may treat myself right now. Thanks for the blog. You are such an inspiration!

  2. Daniela

    You really inspire me to spend more time on myself..w/2 kids it gets kind of hard, but we gotta' do it. I love Vic Secret's, but don't buy it as much as I want. I feel bad spending so much on that stuff.

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