If you know me you know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays next to xmas, my sons birthday and maybe Easter. I felt like Ive celebrated for a week now, and its over. BOOOO! lol
okay, here it goes…
You know you live in Azusa when…
There is a street shut down where the Verteranos showed off their cars and held a Trunk or Treat. The Azusa Raider cheerleaders perform too haha. I love it!! 
 (below: My sisters – Lizzie, Chris, and Marina)


 Picture time! My sister took the camera for a few pix of me and my bunny. He was telling me that he was hot haha. Hes talking so much!
 My sister said I came to the hood dressed like JLo ahahha. I was like uhhhh no. Its hot and it was collecting dust! Taking fashion risks…I had fun with it. Too floppy for walking around for sure. (Hat from Target)
 My Twin Christina and I 🙂
Shes 1 minute older than me too! AHHHHHH! Hat hair!
 Raiders practicing. My god daughter Denise is to the left. I went to her competition and cried!! I am such a baby haha. Im so proud of my baby girl!
 Denise and Princess Emma
 Its a family thing, they are all coaches for the squad.
 My sister’s beautiful family: Mike, Emma, Denise, and lil Mikey aka Bubba
My son makes my heart melt. Im sorry but hes the cutest kid in the world….I just had to say it hahaha. 
The big day!
I helped my Peakin aka Crystal get dressed for work. She was a Clockwork Orange Sexy Gangsta. I loved it! I think she look like Christina’s good days in the second picture! 
 Lil Mikey as Captain America
 Denise as Fiona
 Do you guys remember him???? Beast!! I missed him so much! He went crazy! I had his hair everywhere lol. He was visiting Bella (his baby mama lol) 
 My moms house was all decked out hahaha. She loves Halloween too!
 Time to hit the streets! We hit up Old Town Glendora with all the kids in tow.
 Jude and his Daddy trick-or-treating, he was too shy to say it lol. 
 My little dragon let out some energy.
 My Mom lol. Best personality on the block!
 My brother Raymond, his beautiful wife Lizzie, and their son Tommy Lee aka Chom Chom aka Iron Man! 
Oh and before I forget my pumpkin! Foofa! I was so excited to find that I had an extra pumpkin on the patio, so I quickly cut it and added it to the collection out on the lawn at my moms.
  The word on the street was lol that LaVerne was the place to go to Halloween night. I told everyone about it but I didnt know where it was! Damn it! Next year!
I took Jude early October to take our holiday greeting card pictures and I wanted to share them with you. Im sure you seen ’em on Facebook and Twitter.
The before – in between – The after
 The Dragon and his Keeper
 Jude running around in his costume before the shoot
 The End lol
This took forever! I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse of how I spent some of my Halloween.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. The pictures of you and Jude are so cute. He looks so big now.

  2. im glad you have a great time. love the pictures…the last one was my fav

  3. Your son is adorable. You came out so pretty.in your family pic with your son. You are one of my favorites.


  4. OOO… I love the pics with your son.. Awesome!

  5. u are gorgeous and ur baby is so cute!!!

  6. Azusa trunk o treating looks like so much fun! We did the Treats in the Streets in old town Orange. Your pics with your little one came out great and the costumes are so cute.

  7. So cute! I don't really like halloween but your pictures made it seem super fun! Love you and your blog! 🙂

  8. beautiful family. seems like you guys had a great time

  9. That is the most adorable costume ever! Little (big) Jude is the cutest! Well done, you;)

  10. Hey there! Glad to see you had a pretty good halloween!


  11. Your eyebrows look sooo good! 🙂 love!! oh and beautiful pics w/ Jude <3

  12. I love the clear, bright quality and vivid colors with your new camera.
    Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful family, it is so clear to see the love. Just wanted to also say that the final pictures of you and Jude in costume are fabulous, you are both so photogenic, they will be memories you cherish for a lifetime!

  13. love you 2 absolutely!!!!!!!! ok Jude is the cutest little boy in the world but my daughter Lilly is the cutest girl hahah…same age 😉

  14. looks like you had a blast! your son is adorable!


  15. I grew up in Azusa! You should do a meet and greet in this area, let us know! I want to meet you, you are so down to earth, and love the fact that you are so proud of your son and looks like you spend quality time with him, you seem a great mom!! ,Love your posts that makes me read you everyday. Besitos!

  16. Adorable pics with your baby boy!!! BTW you are rocking that hair in the halloween pics! So fab!

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