The start of a fun weekend! – Fat Burger + Dancing

Dancing Burgers
Ryan wanted to go dancing, like always lol…hes a dancing machine. There are a couple of clubs that we like to go in LA so we knew which one we wanted to go to since it was Friday night, Zanzibar! Before getting dressed, and knowing I might have a couple of glasses on Pinot at the bar…we got some juicy disgusting but good FATBURGER hamburgers.
Ive never had them before. Apparently they come with a fried egg and everything else under the moon. Ummmmm yea not trying to smell like a dancing onion in the club! I got my with JUST mustard ketchup pickles lettuce and cheeeesee pleeeaseee.
My favorite part is probably the Sonia fashion show…where I change back and forth too many times to annoy the person that I am going out with, probably take waaay too long to do my drag queen makeup of the night…and be super excited to go out. WOOT WOOT!
The dramatic event of the night…I was sipping on my drink before leaving the hotel and I missed my mouth lol (who does that??) and it spilled on my top!! The material is sooo thin and gentle I knew it would be stained for sure! I screamed out of hororr and almost cried (trying not to mess up my makeup of course haha) Quick fix: wet the whole damn shirt and then dry with a blow dryer!
(Picture via Twitter)
Since I decided to film an outfit of the night and carefully walked down to the lobby from our room (trying not to kill myself on ridiculous marble floors) The cabbie left and we had to haul another cab :(Below is a picture we took while waiting. I didnt want to take my camera with me this time because my clutch was literally a dot and it wouldnt fit, caca! I need to get a slim camera like a cyber shot or something.
My Details:
Coral long sleeve top by FOREVER21
Ribbed fitted skirt by FASHION Q
Shoes not shown by SHOEDAZZLE

We had so much fun dancing…well I watching him dance with himself haha cause the lord knows Jude has more rhythm than me…but it was a great night. My next weekend off , where should I visit?? Where is your favorite place for night life and just plain ol’ relaxation? Let me know!
*Latina Kisses*


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