Time with my Girls & Olvera Street

Girl Time!

Since I have moved away from home, and away from my friends…I try to make it a point to invite my girls over for anything. It was a bright and sunny day so I thought it would be perfect to go to the pool. Brigitte and Carly have been my good friends for ages. Carly has been around for Jude, almost like a god mother…so its always fun to have her around. Crazy Carl lol.

When I was at the store I picked up some wine and fruit for a little snack pool side.

When we were younger, Carly and I would sit by the pool all summer and tan.

Tanning is love.

It is so relaxing to lay out. Make sure you use sunscreen and cover your face. My face is so sensitive, I had to keep my sun hat on. I tweeted a picture like this and someone thought I was on vacation haha. I am blessed. Carly and Jude taking a dip.
Little baby Noah is out new addition. Brigitte had him 2 months ago. He is soooo sweet. He looks so relaxed under a huge umbrella.

Mama bear, Brigitte catching some rays.

I dont know why Jude crosses his legs, but that is the way he sits in every chair. Its so cute!

For lunch I made some of my jaiva. Its so good and fresh!

After the girls left, I cleaned up and then my sister joined me that night. We all got our hair dyed. Well I did all the work hahah…those turkeys! It was my little sisters first time visiting my new place so it was a nice excuse.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Ive always wanted to go downtown to Olvera Street to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It reminds me of TJ, Mexico. Filled with traditional blankets, purses, sandals, toys, candies, food, and of course music!

To get into the spirit of things, I got Jude a little Mexican button up. So cute! I wanted to buy myself a dress…I resisted.

What I did get was candy!!

I got myself some goodies, and I picked up a sampler of Mexican sweets for my mom as well.

There were sooo many little toys up and down the little street. Here is a picture of Jude making music with an accordion.

I’m not sure what the name of the little restaurant we stopped at, but it was open….almost like a little stand, and it was really tasty and pretty cheap. Along with our meal there was a little band walking around playing for tips. The singer had a strong voice, beautiful.

I had a sope plate.

He was like “You are gonna take pictures of what we are eating?” He obviously doesn’t know much about blogging ahhaha.

The last time that we were here, we came for a stroll and a hot churro before ice skating πŸ™‚

The last stop of the day: Snow cones!!

The day was perfect! I love Olvera street. Everything about it. Its a nice reminder that I am Mexican, and its a beautiful thing.

*Latina…Mexican Kisses*



  1. frugalspender19

    Happy Mother's Day!!! You look gorgeous, Jude is adorable (I love the accordion lol), and you're boyfriend has a really nice smile. Seems like a nice guy, hope he's treating you good. You definitely deserve it. Love it when you blog Sonia. You're personal posts are my fav. =>

  2. Mascara Addict =)

    Happy Mother's Day, Sonia! Looks like you had a great time w/the girls πŸ™‚ You look really happy w/your bf-so happy for you <3 and Jude is seriously like the cutest kid ever!

  3. Anonymous

    Happy Mother's Day Sonia!!! I love reading your blogs! You look soo happy. Your boyfriend seems nice and is a cutie. Jude is getting so big!!

  4. gabbiieb

    I love your blog and jude looks just like you such a cutie pie. Btw where do you get your men from they are so good looking. Happy Mothers DAy!

  5. Liz Marie

    I can't wait to see the rest of your home decor!! Loved what I saw in your video!! Hope you are having an amazing mothers day!!! Jude is one lucky little boy πŸ™‚ -xx liz Marie

  6. Donna

    congratulations to Brigitte! I remembered that she was pregnant and wondered when she was going to or if she had her baby πŸ™‚ thanks for keeping is updated!

  7. Anonymous

    I need some Mexica candy in my life!!! The mango lollipops with chili are my favorite ;0) and if I'm craving something sweet you can never go wrong with a duvalin…


  8. Anonymous

    can you make a boyfriend tag or some sort of boyfriend video about or with ryan like with him in it or talkin about your guys relationship im glad your happy again girl (:

  9. Rossica

    Happy Mother's Day Sonia! You are great Mamma and woman! Your blog great I <3 it! You are inspiration for all of us of how to be a great woman! So happy to see you happy with Sweet Jude and Ryan! He really looks like the right guy for you and I to see you glowing like that is amazing! <#

  10. Hermosa Makeup

    Hi Sonia,

    I love this blog post as much as I love allllll of your youtube videos! You are an amazing mom…we can all see it. Keep doing what your doing because you are great!!!! Happy belated Mother's Day! Jude is growing up so handsome!!! I follow your blog all the time. If you ever have time..please check mine out.


    Love, Gloria xoxoxo

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