My favorite treat – Cucumbers with Lemon and Chile

Comfort food for Latinas
Before you get your chonies in a twist, this can be comforting to anyone…its just not a shocker or something new in the Latin culture. When I was away from home…and all alone…this was one dish that would make me feel all warm inside. Maybe I was warm because the chile made my mouth burn haha.
Pepino con lemon y chile
(Cucumber with lemon and chile)
You will need the following:
Chile powder / & Liquid Chile
Cut up the cucumbers to the size that you like, and place in a blow.
Then use your muscles or a fruit hand juicer.
Add chile and toss. Repeat.
I like a lot of chile so I make sure that each bite will have powder on them.

Then I drizzle a little bit…okay a lot a bit of the liquid chile over the pile of goodness.

I have tweeted this spicy treat a few times and some people wanted to know how to make it. Its so simple. Now if you are not a fan of cucumber I recommend:
I love lemon and chile period. Amen I have a tree in the backyard 🙂
*Latina Kisses*

34 thoughts on “My favorite treat – Cucumbers with Lemon and Chile

  1. That looks sooo yummy. my mom makes a 'homemade' chile for cucumbers it is bomb! Wish you could try some… 🙂
    Glad we have in common such an awesome little snack.

  2. that looks sooo good! my favorite snack too. i love cucumber and jicama… but i prefer using either only lime or one lime +one lemon.

  3. that is so bomb! aand cucumbers are good for you too! i posted about cucumbers on my blog since i got an email at work and wanted to share with everyone cucumbers are good for alot of things and theyre so good nom nom nom loll

  4. Well lucky u(I too am from cali), but where I live now, lemons are so dang expensive, it's ridiculous. But, yes anything w lime/lemon n chile is delish.

  5. girl I feel you when I was living at home my mother used to make this for me evryday as soon as icame home from school. Got one lil thin tho. U misspelled bowl

  6. Pepino con limon y chile…. hands down my best treat!!! I've never tried it with Chile powder & liquid together but it looks super delicious so I'm gonna try it ASAP!!!!

  7. You probably have, but have you ever tried tajin? It's a spice…I think mexican spice thats really good on fruit, cucumbers, etc. My family's Italian, but we're obsessed with it!

  8. i love the fact that you share simple recipes from the mexican way of making them…alot of people look mexican food but some are not mexican or just dont know how to make it so thank you alot for these recipes and stuff i think you should keep doing them ….. thanks alot!!

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