My Most Used Brushes

Brushes I can not live without
I have tons of brushes, way too many one person should own. I also have a handful of brushes that I can not live without and I wanted to share them with you. Now if you watch my videos you would know them, or have seen them tons of times so this wont be too surprising.
I really just wanted to show you the brushes I need and use. And ultimately to save you money. If you are not going to be a makeup artist you probably will not need a full set. Thankfully Sigma Beauty is now selling their brushes separately so you can collect them without breaking your budget.
We should just get to it…
This brush is the most used brushes of the bunch. It is the perfect liquid foundation brush. If you buy any brush it should be this one. It has never let me down and it does not streak.
I use this bad boy to apply pressed highlighter powder and liquid/creme highlighter to my cheek bones. The brush hairs are sooo soft. I cant say enough good things about these brushes.
The angle of this brush will help you apply your foundation around the nose area as well.
My new favorite brush to apply my bronzer has to be the last brush you would think. Bronzer is an all over product than is supposed to give you the appearance of a tan. This brush gets the job done quick!
This one is perfect for packing on eyeshadow to your lids and getting right under the lower lashes as well. If you spray it with a mixing medium like MACs Fix+ its not too shabby for applying glitter or pigment.

Pencil E30Remove Formatting from selection
My go-to brush for smoking/smudging eyeliner and shadows on or near my lower lashes is this pencil brush.

This is the only brushes that I use for apply my highlight color to my brow bone.
Tapered Blending E35
This brush does it all. If you need a brush that you can pack and blend shadows this is the one for you. I think this would be the brush I would pick if I was told I could only have one (next to the F80 of course). When I first started my collection, MACs brush that is comparable to this one was the first brush that I purchased. Its a definite must have!


I hope this post was helpful for those of you who were wondering what brushes you might need for a starter kit or the kit you have and was missing a little something!

*Latina Kisses*


  1. Forest & Liz

    I know Sigma brushes are WAY more affordable then M.A.C. or even the Sonya Kashuk for Target brushes but, for the full set it's still a bit pricey sadly, especially for someone trying to put themselves through school.

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