Katy Perry for OPI – Shatter & nail polish haul /swatches

Ive had an expensive taste in nail polishes recently that I am not proud of… to the average joe. If you are a nailhead (crackhead for nails, yea…I just made it up…go with it) than you would join me in drooling over OPIs winter collection.
Most of these polishes are mentioned in my Burlesque post that was up a few weeks ago, check that out if you are interested. I marked the ones that I will show you swatches of in this post.
My mini nail haul and swatches: …………………………………………………………….
As soon as word was out that Shatter from the new Katy Perry Line for OPI was in my area, I called around like a mad woman. After reaching out to about 11 beauty realated stores heaven shined down on Merle Norman Cosmetics in the beautiful city of LaVerne. It tooke me about 5 mins to get myself over there I was so excited.

My intentions were just to get the one polish, Shatter, but I could not help myself! I was pleased to find 2 of these polishes in the 50% OFF basket by mistake. Retail price for these polishes were $8.50 USD and $9.00 USD for Shatter. ………………………………………………
I had to prep my nails for my Shatter tutorial/demo, and decided to take a few shots to share with you all in blogland. I always start with a fresh pair of Nailene full cover nails.

I keep my bottle of 100% acetone and flat cosmetic brush handy for cleaning up around my nail lines, keeps my manicure neat.

I continued with 2 coats of Teenage Dream that dried faster than I was expecting.

Followed up with 2 thin coats with Black Shatter

Its important to use light coats of this special polish because you will not get the ideal ‘shattered’ effect if it is to thick.The finishing look! I think it looks really cool and rocker chic. If I used a brown bottom base color it would almost look like an animal print.

My sister in law Lizzie was over in the morning for breakfast and I hooked up her nails. I’m jealous of the shape and thickness of her natural nails. I bite my nails ;/
I do highly recommend a bright, more noticeable, base color for a more dramatic effect. Pictured below is “Punki Pink” by Nina Pro.

Did you get your princess fingers on a bottle of shatter?
Do you think it was all the rage and craze?
*Latina Kisses*

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  1. love it and yes i got my hands on the last bottle in the store!

  2. i'm not too sure about this one.. i think i've just been seeing it on blogs too much and i'm kind of sick of it! it's definitely different and not many girls in my area seem to be “hip to it” yet. we'll see..

  3. I want that black shatter! Soo cool effect! Thanks for the swatches. Love it!

  4. omg that shatter nailpolish is the greatest invention
    i love it
    thanks for sharing

  5. I got the last bottle at my local beauty store and was so happy! I did shocking pink by china glaze underneath and I got so many compliments I loveee it!

  6. omg i love it, for all your british followers, you can buy that 'shatter' nail varnish from Barry M. i was foolish and didn't pick one up when i first saw it, i went back the next day and it wasnt there!! =(

  7. I love shatter on the glitter polish…I have a Barry M version of shatter, going to have to try that!

  8. I was literally stalking Ricky's beauty store in NYC for weeks when I heard that Black Shatter was on its way.
    Finally got my hands on it and loved the effect! I layered Black Shatter over the sparkly green color “Simply Smashing” & later that week changed to pink.
    I loved my nails for a while, then became sick of it and wanted something more sleek so I'd have to say Shatter was a bit overrated. Still fun though! =)

  9. I am on a mission to find this! I've been looking all over! πŸ™

  10. Love it… follow me … http://fashionista-myfashionableworld.blogspot.com

    I live in W. Covina, I noticed you shop at the mall…I would love to meet you some time.


  11. It was only a matter of time before Mrs Brand came out with a nail polish collection. I love how sparkley and fun it is! And that “Shatter” one! Amazing!!


  12. I love the affect of it but I'm not in love with the formulation of OPI so I'm going to wait for the China Glaze Crackle Glaze. (:
    I remember they used to sell a similar polish yearsss ago! Do you remember that? lol.


    P.S. I'm giving away an UD Naked Palette on my blog ir you're interested. (:

  13. I'm going to buy them this weekend! I hope they are not sold out.. =)

    Thanks for sharing! =)


  14. I live in baldwin park,not too far from glendora where u live and I found all the katy perry opi collection at my local beauty supply store for $7.99 the name of the store is Hans cosmetics in baldwin park.I went yesterday and they have plenty

  15. Shatter not for everyone. I don't care for it but I do like the other polishes.

  16. That is so cool, I have to buy it! I would go to the store now except it just started pouring ehh….I went yesterday to Sally's and bought two new nail polishes in the 50% of section too! Both by China Glaze 1st one Sugar Plums 2nd Little Drummer Boy. I think they both are from the christmas selection by they were too cute too pass up!

  17. omg that's so cool!!!!!!!
    I'm deff checking it out ASAP!!!
    One of my assignments for Web Design Class was to create a webpage about something that I like so I decided to do a beauty web page; was wondering if you can check it out and tweet it for people to check it out….ONLY if you think it has potential. It's still a work in progress, I just started.


  18. Wow I love it, it really looks good on top of that “Teenage Dream”!

    Sonia I have a question though, you said “I always start with a fresh pair of Nailene full cover nails”. What is that? Is it a line of fake nails, or just a base coat? I'm just curious because it looks great!

  19. I went to go pick it up the SHATTER OPI nail polish BUT like every store in the world its out of stock!!!
    Anyhow, i also wanted to pick up the extra-va-vaganza one it looks so cute on you. Nonetheless, the only thing i managed to get was one flat nail brush that i needed to do all my french tips. you look so pretty in all your pictures. you should definitely blog more.

  20. Ooh! I can't wait to get some of that Crackle nail polish! I'm planning on getting Teenage Dream as well. The store I usually get nail polish from still hasn't gotten that collection in stock yet…but I'm on their call list for when it does come. πŸ™‚ haha
    thank you for posting! πŸ™‚

  21. yeah and now I know I NEED this polish….good thing my birthday is coming up soon!

  22. I like the nail polish post. Keep up the good work, and you are gorgeous girl!
    OPI Nail Polish By Katy Perry

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