New Obsession – Lorac

Red Carpet ready with LORAC

When I want to try a new line of cosmetics, the first thing I go for is a value set. I picked up LORACs Hollywood Insider Collection and fell in love with their highlighter and lipgloss. Over the holidays I was given a giftcard to Sephora by Jude’s grandma, Alicia. I was so excited to visit the mall and collect my new goods.

I picked up the following:
Red Carpet Reveal Palette / Breakthrough Performance Lipstick / Creamy Brow Pencil
I got a lot of comments mentioning or questioning the packaging. I personal love it. The down side to the high shine is that its hard to keep your finger prints off of it. It will make you want to play detective if your sisters get their paws on them.
These eye shadows are so soft! If I had to compare them to another company it would have to be Urban Decay. They are highly pigmented and last all day. I wish the lightest color didn’t have so much shimmer to it, but other than that this palette is perfect for an every day look. The blush is not too bright either and is sure to look beautiful on all skin tones.

The lord knows that I have had eyebrow issues since I came out of the womb…so I will try just about anything! This pencil was $19 USD and I wish it was a little darker. If you have dark brown to black hair I would go with the darkest shade. I purchased ‘brunette’ …and Carly is happy to take this fail off my hands.

Nude lips are my weakness. I was looking for a nice creamy natural lipstick for everyday wear like my favorites:
Fairest Nude – Loreal Paris
Freckletone – MAC
If you are interested in seeing the look I quickly put together, here is the video:
(coming soon)
I know I have been extra lazy and not keeping up with my blog and channel but I like to update when I am excited so its not such a snore!
Are there any Lorac items you love and think I should give a try? Let me know.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Avni

    I wish Lorac products were available in the UK.
    I'm loving the Red carpet pallette!!!!

    I've been searching on ebay if anyone ships them over, but no one yet 🙁

    You MicaBella tutorials were great though! I'm so happy that MicaBella is now available in the UK!!!!

  2. Miss Mandii

    Yes, girl we all go through our blogging ruts!! I just “hopefully” came out of mine, and posted a new one recently! I love the collection- and I can't wait to see a swatch of the nude lipstick you mentioned- I'm a fan of nude lipsticks/gloss too!!

  3. Rachael Mejia

    I got hooked to LORAC from the makeup artists at a local beauty bar here in Portland, here are some things I LOVE:

    Oil-Free Wet/Dry Powder Makeup

    Front of the Line Waterproof Eyeliner

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