Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is finally here!
I was dreading it honestly. I didn’t want the holidays to come because I didn’t want the day to come that my little Dunka family was apart. I cant hide from it, so I have to make the best of it.
Of course something has to go wrong for the day to be complete and it had to be the oven! Our oven took a vacation day on the worst day of the year. Good thing our awesome neighbors were there to save the day!
Jude was really cranky and I knew it was almost time for a nap but before I let his head hit the pillow I wanted to shower us up and get dressed for the big day.

My details:
Lace One Shoulder Top and Belt by Forever21
Black Jeggings by Fashion Q
Nude Wedges by BCBG Generation
Jude’s Details:
Top and Jeans by H&M
Shoes by VANS
Showing mommy some love
Me and my beautiful Mom, I wish I looked more like her.

I wish I had more pix of the kids but they were blurry!!
This is Denise and Emily, my twin’s daughters. They are not twins.

Jude with his Tio Raymond, my big brother.

It was an interesting day for me emotionally.
I love my family very much. They are a group of very loving and forgiving people. No matter what happens, that will never change.
I hope everyone had a nice holiday and got full on turkey and all the fixings! I know I did. I’m snacking on some stuffing as I type this haha. Who’s loca enough to hit up the stores for Black Friday? Not me!
*Turkey Kisses*


  1. Claudia C.

    My Thanksgiving was sad too. I was unable to spend it with family or friends. At least you were able to be around people that love you to pieces, and your little angel, of course. You have a beautiful family and look great in your photos, as usual. Thanks for sharing about your day. Hugs.

  2. Marcela

    Happy Thanksgiving. Holidays are hard for me also cause my kids family dont even ask to see them so that sucks. Well I had a good day and I hope you did too.


  3. Anonymous

    I went to Inglewood CA for a dance from our pueblo from Mexico. So it was a huge thanksgiving reunion;sadly, my dad or bro went. Anyhow, tomorrow I work at 5am ughh suck, but I do need the $.
    You look so hermosa!

  4. AnNeTtEe

    happy thanksgiving day!! you look stunning as always!! & your little dunka looking cute! love your attitude girl… you gotta do it for the little dude! cheer up! I'm sure everything will be ok! =) hope you had a good thanksgiving day!

  5. maggie

    happy thanksgiving sonia. you & baby dunka look so adorable<3

    i feel you girl , this thanksgiving was hard
    on my family and I. Especially cause family drama
    erupted right after we had dinner. I couldn't help but let the tears out, so i stepped outside & looked up at the stars. & prayed, i know theres people out there who have it worse then us. but i'm thankful that God is giving me strength to move on & is helping me through the tough times. They say you gotta be thankful for the good AND the bad.

    your such a big inspiration to me <3

  6. Emilea

    Holidays are wierd for me too now, after my grandma passed away, who was like the glue to our family, the only family I really see holidays now are my siblings and parents and niece and nephew, I love them to death, don't get wrong, but I have always been used to spending it with ALL of my family. Stay strong girlie!


  7. Liz Marie

    Sonia you look amazing!! I am glad you made the best of your Thanksgiving day.. My husband was gone due to the military and I couldn't go home to my family due to my job here in NC.. But it was a great day still! Awesome post as always! xx Liz Marie Galvan

  8. Anonymous

    You are an inspiration to me. Such a strong woman and mother. I am currently pregnant and the baby's father and I did not work out and its something I can't force either. Its going to be hard but you make me feel better about being a single mom. Stay positive and know that you are not alone. 🙂 love all your videos !

  9. Anonymous

    Dear Sonia,
    I think that your Youtube was hacked. I've been trying to comment on you wall and it was impossible. 🙁 I am really sorry.


  10. Sarah

    theres a hack on your youtube!!! they posted a video that led us to a site. and i fell for it! 🙁 i hope u see this fast, so you can delete that video!

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