Lunch at Gin’s : Outfits of the day

What to do on a cloudy day?
Carly and I wanted to go to the beach, Venice Beach to walk the boardwalk and pick out some new earrings that we have been talking about…but Jude has been sick so we decided to get some lunch indoors instead. Sushi is always a good idea so we went to our favorite spot: Gin’s Sushi.

I felt like a gypsy today haha. I didn’t think it was cold enough to bundle up so here are
my details:
Braided headband,
Buckle Boots, and
Mickey Mouse T-shirt (I cut the neck so it would be off the shoulder) by FOREVER21
Scarf by Total Fashion
Skinny Jeans by Charlotte Russe
Jude’s Details:
Mustang Sweatshirt by Walmart
Jeans by TARGET
Shoes by VANS
Carly has been on a Military kick lately, check out her new video here.
Carly’s Details:

Long lace and ruffled tank top by WINDSORS
Military Jacket by MUDD at KHOLS
Black leggings at Target
Black handbag (n/a)
Sam and Libby Combat boots at ROSS
Sun Glasses
Time to grub. Jude loves his uncle Carl hahahahhaha.
I wanted to enjoy a nice hot green tea but the one they served me was really…nutty. Yuck! Coke it was! I have been drinking more sugar and I know I need to stop it!
I am really blessed to have good people around me that include my son and love him and embrace him. Not a lot of people can say that about their friends. I know that Jude is young and he can be a handful, but I know that when I need a break I can count on good people like Carly to help me out. WE LOVE YOU CARLY!
I took the coke away and he looks like hes saying “Please!” haha. I stole a kiss after this picture was snapped.

He loves miso soup! I make it at home too.

I think they thought I was a food critic. This is what I always order…a Lobster Special. Soooo good but its getting smaller and more expensive every time I go in.

We also went to Target but I will save those goodies for another post.
Love you all, even the meanies…because you need the most love…
*Latina Kisses*


  1. maggie

    Loveeeeee the outfits ! Even little Judes hehe:)
    Fooood looks deliciouss ,lately I've been craving seafood ,so this made my mouth waterr haha


  2. Katie

    you look so cute. i want to get some jeans from charlotte russe online but not sure at all about what size i should get. can you tell me what size your jeans are b/c i think we're about the same size. =)

  3. Anonymous

    I love your blog!!! you have such awesome fashion sense!! You look healthier now then a few weeks ago…not as skeleton like. Keep up the good work! <3

  4. Anonymous

    Love the outfits. I really like Jude's outfit too. Jude is so cute he really looks like he is saying please. Lol! Love your videos great job!!!!!!!!!!!1



  5. Liz Marie

    Love all your boots this season Sonia!!! You are inspiring me to get some new ones.. Awesome post as always 🙂 o, and ps. Jude looks like a little stud muffin as always 😉

  6. Andrea.

    I don't even know if you are going to read this but the fact that you blocked me on youtube because I said you have scrawny legs is completely ridiculous. I made that statement not to in a mean way. You said you were doing p90x awhile back so I figured they would be more muscular. Therefor I also asked if you worked out. Idk why everyone is taking that comment up the ass. I've been watching your videos from the start way back when u were in the base with Chris. I'm always commenting, and supporting your videos. You have definitely lost my respect. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

  7. MeganRose.

    'even the meanies because they need the most love' lol love it! the way you talk reminds me of nicole richie! you are gorgeous, keep up the great work as a guru and a mommy!

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